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How to cope up with failure?

“I am not concerned that you have fallen. I am concerned that you arise.”Abraham Lincoln

Failure is an integral part of everyone’s life. Each one of us fails in life, one or the other time. Sometimes, the failures are big and sometimes small. When we win, we don’t examine it very much, except to congratulate ourselves. We easily, and wrongly, assume it has something to do with our rare qualities as a person. But winning only measures how hard we’ve worked and how physically talented we are; it doesn’t particularly define us beyond those characteristics. We fail in the small things: staying on a diet, running a 5k, keeping a New Year’s resolution, or controlling clutter in our homes. We fail in the larger things: overcoming an addiction, finding employment, or holding on to an important relationship. And sometimes our failures negatively impact the rest of our lives: keeping a marriage together, persuading a child to make better choices, or overcoming a lifetime of debt.

Losing something, on a great deal says a lot about how a person is. The major aspect that gets revealed in this process is whether we accept our failure or not. Losing, analyzing and getting back is what is required.

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A guide to overcome failure:


1. Accept that it has happened

After a failure, whether expected or unexpected, it becomes difficult to accept that it has happened and is now a part of life. But accepting failure can help to a great extent. This could be regarded as the first step to overcome failure.

2. Recognizing that failure is common

Recognize the fact that it is common and happens with all with one or the other time.

3. Look for the cause

Understand why it happened. Accept your fault instead of putting blames on another other people or other factors. Try to understand the underlying cause and decide to improve yourself regarding it.

4. Think about your weakness

Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” This holds true in both success and failure. When failure occurs, which it always will, the wisest of us journey inward to determine the cause and intentional steps we can take to learn from the experience. And in time, we learn to champion humility.

5. Accept that some factors are out of our control

There are a lot of things that are not in our control. There are things about which we can do nothing. Accept them. Things always can not be the way we want them to be. So, let go sometimes.

6. Learn, plan and move on

This is the most powerful step. You have got to learn from your mistakes. Make sure you won’t repeat them. Take it as a positive learning experience. Plan the next step and begin a new journey.

Set an example for someone who may fall in the similar situation. And looking you, he/she might gain courage and confidence !



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Simran Bhola
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