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Most Easy to Cook Vegetarian Recipes

Cooking is tricky. Either you have the skill naturally or you need lots of practice to make the perfect dish. Following is a list of recipes, you can make with simple ingredients in a less time. The chances of messing up these are less and they surely do turn up tasty. Do try this list of vegetarian recipes. The videos and blogs added along with recipes are detailed, easy to understand. Do explore these sites more. They will surely help you in your daily cooking.

Misal Pav

This Maharashtrian cuisine is made with sprouts which make it healthy and the simple spices add a punch of flavors. It is usually eaten as breakfast or brunch There are various versions of this dish. Follow the recipe according to the link to make the perfect misal. You can have it with bread or chapati too.

Paneer Biryani

This recipe is a pot of comfort. It takes less than an hour to make and it guarantees carbohydrates proteins and extra nutrition if you add veggies too.

Tamarind Rice

This South Indian dish can be made easily during any time of the day. It is tangy and sour. It can be made with leftover rice too so make it whenever you feel like it.

tamarind rice

One Pot Pasta

This few ingredients pasta fills up your stomach while it cooks in a very less time. Make sure that you cook the pasta thoroughly by adding enough water.

Aloo Sabji

Potatoes are a blessing as they can be cooked easily in many ways. This version goes perfectly with tamarind rice or chapati.

aloo fry

Roasted Vegetables

The best part of this recipe is all you have to do is cut vegetables, add olive oil, salt, pepper and put it in the oven. You can skip the dressing and add just lemon juice. Don’t restrict yourself with the vegetables used in the recipe. Get creative and add whichever you like.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Baking a cake can be challenging. Even though there are plenty of chocolate cake recipes finding the one which bakes perfectly is tough especially one with no eggs. This recipe does the best job of making a yummy cake. Make sure you use the precise amount of ingredients to have a good chocolate cake. You can use a pressure cooker instead of an oven. Remove the whistle of the cooker, heat it for 5 minutes over medium heat. Place the container inside the cooker, close the lid and cook it for 35 minutes in medium low. Check if the cake is cooked with help of toothpick.

Banana Cake

This cake can never go wrong and can be baked at any occasion. Just follow the pictures and you will be making the tastiest cake in no time.

banana cake


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