Healthy meals right away with you

Healthy eating habits are important for one’s health. People usually sideline health during work hours. We go for foods that are easy to make. We also go for ready to eat snacks. We know the fact that these fried foods are so much high on cholesterol. We must take care of all our nutrient content. There are so many food items with the full nutritional value and fit in a pocket too. You won’t have to think of spending a lot of time in preparing the meals. All these foods are easy to go. 

Salads- an easy and healthy meal yet satisfying your nutrition requirements  

You can always try to carry some salad with you at your workplace. Simply, chop off some tomato, onion, cucumber, cabbage and carrot. Tate it up with salt and lime juice. It surely tastes splendid and matches up to your taste buds. 

Fruits: healthy choice over fried snacks

Fruits for sure meet up all your vitamin requirements and are high in fibre. Also, you need absolutely no preparation measures to carry fruits. You can easily carry some oranges, apples, guavas or any other fruit which you like and have them whenever you get time. 

Go rich in calories with mixed nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are for sure considered to be a rich snack. Also, they add up to your healthy chart. Nuts like almonds are considered to be really good for your brain. They increase your brain functioning, hence an uplift in your job productivity. Raisins are known to increase the immune system. So, try to pack a bowl full of nuts like almonds, dates, cashews and whatever else you find to be good.

Yoghurt- a healthy snack

Yoghurt is said to be rich and pre and pro-biotic. They ensure the proper functioning of your digestive system. Also, they are easily available in a variety of flavours like mango or strawberry. It is a healthy snack and easy to eat. They are rich in protein. All the employees when feel hungry can have this very effective and healthy snack.

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Keep yourself hydrated with water

There are instances when you feel hungry even when you are full. At these times, you must drink water properly. Keeping yourself hydrated especially during summers is a habit you must hold to. You must cut on to drinks like sodas; instead, fill yourself with normal water. Carry a water bottle too if possible. Also, you may track your water intake levels using apps that are freely available. 

Wraps- good to go and easy to handle

How about a food idea that requires almost no hard work from your side? All you need to do is, take a chapatti, spread some fried vegetables, make sure the veggies aren’t over fried as then, it’ll lose all its nutrients. Add some spread or butter to make it tastier. Even you can use cheese slice for this purpose. At last, simply roll up the chapatti to make a quick wrap out of it and pack it for your lunch. 

Soups- sticking to more of a liquid diet

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When you talk of the healthy yet complete course of the meal, you can keep soup as your option. It’s not even a tedious job to prepare it. All you need is boil up veggies and prepare a thick stew out of it. Prepare it according to your taste, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. You can get a lot many options like, tomato soup, chicken soup, sweet corn soup etc… or you can prepare it with a specific set of ingredients as per your choice. Soups are really easy to have provided you have a microwave at your workplace. 

Rice bowls- food that itself is complete and healthy

Rice bowls are fit for lunch prospects for an employee. They are really easy to cook. Or else you can easily get it from your canteen or nearby food outlet. Grab upon a serving that you find to be the best according to your taste buds and nutrition requirements. Also, an add on advantage to this lunch is that it gives you a feeling of a full course heavy meal without taking much of your time.

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Protein shakes and protein bars

There are various people, especially the ones who gym regularly to depend a lot upon protein shakes. These shakes can easily stand up to your daily basis protein requirements. Also, they are really quick to have upon. Next, when you talk of protein bars, they are usually available in forms of chocolate. And of course, Chocó bars are loved by each and every person. Pros of binging upon protein bars are they are really quick to eat and taste delicious as well.


Oatmeal is rich in fibre content and is considered to be a heavy meal. You can easily prepare a bowl of oatmeal with milk and a spoon of sugar. Adding to it, you can garnish it with chopped fruits and nuts. This meal is really very wholesome as it includes almost everything required by a person in a balanced diet. On the other hand, it doesn’t take a lot of time to be eaten. 

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