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From Kiama to Port Kembla – 5 Awesome Things to Do

If you have never been south of Wollongong, do two things. Read this article then go! If you have you will know the trip down from Sydney is jaw dropping. You will forever remember its sparkling beaches and dramatic coastline. Lovers of the ocean will be in heaven (or is that Neptune’s kingdom?) and for those who are more chic than beach, vibrant Wollongong city is just around the corner. For those who want it all, modern convenience and tranquil coast lifestyle all year round Visit Lendlease communities for the best House and Land Packages for Sale in and around Wollongong. Natural wonders pepper the coast as it stretches south from Wollongong, kilometres of postcard worthy scenery await you. Let the ocean breeze wash over you and experience a different way of living. Here are five awesome things to do from Kiama to Port Kembla.

1. Get In Your Car

Whilst there are many ways of getting around arguably the best would be by car. Heading south from Port Kembla you will be treated to stunning vistas and views of Lake Illawarra and the South Pacific Ocean.

Cruising in your car with your favourite tunes and your favourite people is one of the best and most appropriate ways of enjoying this sensational strip of coastline.

2. Go BoatingOn Lake Illawarra

You cannot miss lake Illawarra it is a vast and vital part of the region. A multitude of boat ramps hug the lake’s perimeter and even if you are not a full-blown captain small boats can be hired so you can have a go. The lake is also very popular with fisherman and plays host to almost all matter of water sports.

3. Go To The Beach

Hmm should I go to the beach? The answer is usually yes but what if the question instead was “which beach should I go to?” There are at least ten beaches on the short trip from Port Kembla to Kiama alone, including the very popular Shellharbour beach. You could soak in the sun and surf differently every day or find your favorite.

4. Get Blown Away

Kiama is a charming coastal town with a strange name and a famous feature. Roughly translated from the Dharawal Language, Kiama means “the place where the sea makes noise” and straying a few hundred meters from the road you will quickly learn why. The coastline around Kiama cradles several miracles of geology, blowholes. Blowholes are created over immense periods of time as the relentless pressure of the ocean burrows a chamber underneath the headland. If an opening forms above into the chamber blowhole can be formed. Under the right conditions’ waves can be pushed into the chamber and forced upwards out the opening like a drill. Sounds complicated but the result will literally blow you away. It is estimated that nearly a million people visit the Kiama blowholes each year. Come experience the thrill for yourself and bring your camera!

5. Food With A View

There is a treasure trove of great restaurants and eateries in this area, many of them have awe inspiring views of the ocean. Check out the Seascape café in Port Kembla for delicious food and an unmatched view of the sea. Why not check out the area and find your favourite food and view combination.

The strip of rugged coastline from Port Kembla to Kiama is truly special. With views that comestraight from a movie and beaches that could very well become your second homeas you soak up the salty breeze and feel the golden sun recharging you. A seachange is calling and for people have experienced this part of the world abetter way of life is calling too.


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