The best haunt for lovers- bora bora

Want to plan a trip with your loved ones?  Don’t worry guys here’s a place you just can’t resist   “the Bora Bora Islands” It is the most romantic destination in the world or you can say a place which will give u beautiful moments to fill up your life diary.

The world’s largest ocean i.e. the Pacific Ocean is a home to these relatively very small islands Bora Bora. It is located in the French Polynesia which is the overseas territory of France. The Island first discovered in 1722 is a volcanic origin and is surrounded by coral reefs

  • CLIMATE: It can be visited all throughout the year but the best time to visit would during June, July, August and September as at this time of the year the temperature remains around 25 degree Celsius with cold breezes and little rainfall which makes it one of the most romantic destinations of the world.
  • Best beaches in the world: The Island has the most glamourous beaches of the world out of which many are privately owned and have resorts. the best is Matira beach .it is a place where you can enjoy soft white sand, shallow lagoons ,the shade of palm trees and the best is to watch sunset at the watery horizon .
  • Recreational activities: A lot of adventurous activities can be done at Bora Bora like   4×4 jeep safari, aqua safari with helmet, aqua bike adventure, personal submarine scooter, parasailing, jet skiing, diving, kite surfing, lagoon fishing…. And many other activities are combined with the resort and package you select.
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Don’t dare forget to visit

Mount Otemanu: The island is gifted with Mount Otemanu which is a unique landform which can be seen from everywhere on the island. It seems that there is something magical about this landform as it takes up the honour of being crowned the king of all the beautiful scenario of Bora Bora.

Pest free zone: The best part of this region is that it is pest free and here you can enjoy your trip without any fear of poisonous snakes and other animals who can harm you.

  • BEST RESORTS: Resorts at Bora Bora provide you the best facilities like luxurious rooms, washrooms, tempting food, drinks, bars and beaches to rejuvenate. The most interesting thing about the resorts is that they have villas which are made over water and which showcase Bora Bora’s crystalline lagoons both from indoor and outdoor. The resorts provide all facilities for recreation and refreshment
  • Vibrant Nightlife: The Island provides a relaxed and soothing nightlife after a tiresome day at the beaches and doing other activities. The resorts host bars at the Oceanside with barbeques, mild music and dance.  Don’t miss the Tahitian delicacies served by the beach restaurants which includes Tamara a dish made of meat, yam and fish cooked in a submissive oven. Also you would love to be entertained by Polynesian dance performed by the local people. You may also enjoy at the bubbles bar which is crowned as the most romantic place at Bora Bora. The bar has very well setup with awesome furniture, beautiful décors, candle lit tables and romantic ambience with stunning views of lagoons.


Bora Bora is such a destination that would provide you an access to fun, adventure, sightseeing, and would serve as a peaceful place away from city hustle which will give you an ambience for romance and spend lovely time. At Bora Bora, a simple activity such as sunbathe may give you so much of happiness which you may not have received before…


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