Face the Problem

No one in this world born without problems. Humans at every stage has problems, challenges, goals. We need to face the problem rather than going away from it. If you run away with it follows you when you start moving towards it, you gain confidence to solve it. When you consider a problem as a expense you try to avoid it, accept it as a challenge, deal with it, struggle with it, live with it, at the end it treats you with success and Joy.

Problems has the power to bring down you confidence, force you to bend before it. Don’t expect an easy win rather than struggle to win it. A life with problems and challenges is a gift. Don’t expect a road to be clear and easy rather expect a rough and tough road so that when you reach the end of the road you have experience which brings courage, confidence in turn leads to success.


Eagles teach the best lesson in our lives. They throw their children from high cliff. Children think that mother eagle is too harsh on them but in turn they learn to fly, fly high. Dare to accept a problem. A true person always accepts challenges.

Success is not defined by what you accomplish but the failure you have faced, the struggle you have felt and the undetermined strength in you to faces all odds to keep the fight on. Success introduces you to the world but failure introduces world to you. When it comes easy it’s not success. Greater success in life never come easy.



Do not be fooled by someone’s success. Behind the glory there is always a long road that contains records undetermined effort and sacrifice. Sweat and exhaustion. There’s no shortcut to a success. If you are fascinated by the convenience provided by your success then you can forget the necessity to strive for it. There was no price discount for a success. There is a great price to pay to achieve this success.



  • Start with small things. Grow, learn, perform but do not stop.
  • Only hardwork cannot bring you success but a blend mixture strength, sharpness, thought process, sacrifice, patience and tenderness. If you break the bow and arrow efflux has been leveled, it could still shoot. Aim with your entire heart. All the action you like a boomerang that will come back to you. When you throw it well, he’ll be back in your catch
  • Success is not always built on their own efforts. Tucked behind all the achievements of sacrifice others



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