Fashion Tips for Chubby Women

Fashion is for all, it is not only for those who walk the ramp, not for those who are rich and definitely not only for the skinny people. Fashion is something that should be and mostly is enjoyed by all, but there are these certain groups of women who find it a little troublesome to take their beautiful selves down the street and own it. And these are the women who the world calls chubby or fat.

They are mostly scared of their body image and afraid of the fact that all clothes do not look good on them, so why not jot down a few fashion tips which these women can follow:

Basic fashion tips for chubby women:

  • Colour and cuts of the clothes: Colour and cuts of the clothes you wear are more important than you think. Dark colours will make you look slimmer than light colours, and horizontal stripes have a habit of enhancing what is not needed to be enhanced. So, go for vertical or diagonal stripes. Ruffles to be put only where you want everyone’s attention to be and clot a lot of fabric in the area you want to look small.

    For example dresses with ruffles below the waist line will give you a princess like look and also take the focus off your belly to your feet.


  • Wearing fitted undergarments: This is one fashion tip which is not taken up seriously by many. What’s on the inside really matters ladies, so it does not matter if you are wearing a very pretty and beautifully fitted dress on the outside if you wear flimsy and unfitted underwear you will end up feeling uncomfortable for the most part.

  • Find textures that flatter your bottom half: Tailored skirts and pants, avoid pencil skirts and flared pants and any other shapeless garment. This tip is basically for the people with pear shaped body shape, they usually have a heavier lower half and thus it is important that their lower half does not sag in any way.Fitted and dark coloured bottoms are a better choice for pear shaped individuals.

  • Dress to flatter your upper half: For women who have an apple shaped body shape it is very important to flatter their upper bodies as well. If you are wearing skinny bottoms wear something loose on top (this fashion tip can be taken up by one and all actually) wearing both things tight will only make you look more bloated up and uncomfortable.

  • Accessorize well: Chunky jewellery and large hand bags, make them your best friends, because a large handbag makes you look smaller as they do not look small and weird beside you. Boots are also a plus they make your calves look slimmer.

But at the end of the day what is important is to be confident in yourself and in your body. Everything else is just there to add to that beautiful confidence of yours.

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