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Why Every Girl Need a Guy Best Friend

cover picA friend is a combination of various relation like mother, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walk out. Today we don’t make friends according to our needs and we don’t need a special day to celebrate our bond with our friend. For us every day is a friendship day. I want to tribute this article to all those friends whose lives are revolving around their friends only. This article will definitely give them a pat on their back. This article is also a tribute to my best friend.

best behaviourNow days we have bunch of friends who are categorized in different lists like school friends, Facebook friends, college friends, Instagram friends etc. But out of them we have only one or two friends who are like our dear diary who knows all our likes and dislikes, our secrets, our secret crush etc. In today’s world friendship with opposite gender is most common because of various social sites. Now let’s get to the point today we will talk about benefit of having male best friend for a girl.

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  • 24*7 BODY GUARD – When you have a male best friend you are protected from the stalkers. If your best friend is having a muscular body then he acts like a cut throat for the others as no one wants to be get beaten up.
  • MULTIPLE ROLES – Guy best friends can make themselves versatile to be filling in any role you want them to be, like a long-lost brother, a boyfriend you never had and so on. They treat their best friend as if they are the only one who cares for them. Sometimes their scolding is worse than parents. But it’s their endless love for you.
  • LESS DRAMATIC– It’s a fact that Girls are more dramatic than boys in every aspects of life. Hanging out with guys can indeed make your lives easy queasy like you don’t have to deal with emotional fools all the time and also provide an escape from the world of over-exaggeration.
  • LIFE LONG SINGLE– Since having a guy best friend means that you already have a guy taking care of you and you can deal with it even without commitments; this cuts off the need to make a new boyfriend anyway. If you are having a guy best friend then it’s a STOP symbol for rest of the boys as rest of the world considers you both as a couple.
  • ENCYCLOPEDIA- If you are having a guy best friend then you are always updated about all types of nerdy topics like details about the latest cars, sports or even porn. If your guy is fitness freak then you will be aware about all types of protein shakes, supplement, diet and even exercise.                        
  • SHOPPING PARTNERS– Shopping with a guy is the best experience as they don’t spend a lot of time in choosing and changing. Men feel no need to be jealous, inquisitive or insecure about people around them. Hence they only pay you the best of sincere compliments thereby cutting off the edge to question if they are lies or not.
  • PROBLEM SOLVER- With a guy best friend around you can always take a chill pill and relax because be it any tiff they might always offer you the best of solutions thereby make it easy on you. A guy best friend can bring a smile on your face even during the toughest of your times thereby having one around can be the best thing to happen to you.

I think these are well testified reasons enough for you to hunt a guy best friend ASAP!!




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