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1. Foldable phone?

Yeah, you guys have heard it right. From a long time, Samsung is working on it but till now there was no good news related to it but now recently they have filed a patent for it which shows that we are going to get a sweet gift this year from Samsung.


It is going to be the blast as it’s charger is going to be cordless which is not less than a boon for us. The range will be of 15 meters. Now, just sit anywhere in the room and charge your phone. The phone will look a single piece of beautiful glass. There is no home button too. It can include the biometric features too like iris recognition.

3. Faraday future FF91 car

It has self-parking, autonomous driving, a 378-mile range and ubiquitous screens all around the cabin. The FF 91 looks promising, but with production facilities it exists only on the papers right now.


Mark Zuckerberg wanted to build a simple AI that could control his home, including his lights, temperature, appliances, music and security.  It also has facial recognition capabilities and, therefore, can open doors of the home for known guests, or tell Zuckerberg where each member of the family is, whether his daughter Max is asleep or playing around, and so on. It helps to get him his shirt and prepare toasts too. It even reminds him for his important meetings and entertains his daughter too. After a year of coding, he is now successfully to make it. It’s an amazing invention of him.

5. World’s First Hover-Taxis

Dubai is going to launch the taxis which are going to fly in the air. The future is here. It aims at 2 main technologies i.e hovering and self-driving. The user can just program the destination in the starting itself and it will fly them there. The launching is planned in July this year.

6. ZTE Axon 7 Max

It is a new smartphone launched. It has such an interesting feature which can make you beg for this phone. This phone has power of clicking 3D photos. The pictures clicked by it look like a hologram with exact depth.

7. Samsung Lifestyle TV

It is a new revolution in the world of televisions. It can’t be turned off unless it behaves as a photo-frame in the mean time when no one is using it. The monitor displays the images such as digital recreations of paintings, family photos or any other picture. Did you ever imagine to use your black TV as an item to decorate your hall?


It is a new invention by intel. It is designed to be easily inserted into smart devices. The idea is to make upgrading gadgets like smart refrigerators, interactive retail kiosks, and connected security cameras as easy as swapping out one component. This prevents the need to buy an entirely new system once new standards in connectivity or faster processors are released. The computer includes essentially all of the same aspects of a standard-sized computer, including a processor, memory, storage, and wireless tech.

9. Smart clothes

Now even the wearables are going to become smart. Every wearable item will now have that technology which will make it smarter than other normal clothes.


Owlet Smart Sock-It is basically a smartsock that slides over the baby’s feet. It is a monitor for babies that uses the pulse oximetry technology and can monitor heart rate to make sure the little one’s breathing and sleep has been uninterrupted.

10. QuirkLogic E-ink displays

It is a television which weighs just 22lbs irrespective of its size i.e 42 inches. The display can be used to write on for up to 16 hours on a single charge, and with 16GB flash memory, one can share the thoughts and writings with colleagues immediately for real-time content creation.


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