Facts of Shahid and Kangana on movie Rangoon!

Q) Do you pick movies which serves  both purpose? i.e. both being and actor and star as far your upcoming movie Rangoon is concerned.

A) Kangana says that she does not think movies are written or made thinking such a thing. She also.says that she can’t look at a script and figure out which film can make money and which cannot.

Shahid feels that when an actor is asked such a question, they tend to over complicate things. He gives reason for this saying that before doing a film an actor asks a lot of question to himself/herself. But he never think any aspect before he chooses a movie, he just goes with his instinct.

Q) How does it feel to work with ace director Vishal Bhardwaj?

A) Shahid Kapoor feels that Vishal Bhardwaj is definitely one of the most relevant filmmakers in his career. He is that director because of whom Shahid knows that he is a good actor. Moreover, Shahid says that he has discovered a talent in himself which he did not know existed in him and the credit for this goes to his Rangoon director.

Kangana answers this question by saying that she has experienced that Vishal Bhardwaj recognizes something special in every individual. He has a special knack for it be it a designer, makeup artist, actor or anyone.When she was doing look test, she thought she was looking fine with every look. But his director was not satisfied until he tried more than 50 looks!

Q) Hardest day on the set of Rangoon?

A) Kangana tells us about a time where she had to shoot a scene in which she had to make out in the mud and also one in which she was shooting in mud and she had  to wear the same costumes everyday while shooting the scene. Everyday mud would be added to their costumes and during evening it would become extremely cold. That was the time she just wanted to just disappear from the set. 

Q) Were you intimidated by working with three times national award winner actress? (to Shahid)

A) Shahid says that it is unhealthy to get intimidated by a co-actor so offcourse he was not at all intimidated while working with Kangana.

Q) What would you say to silence your critics?

A) Kangana says a women should silence her critice with sarcasm or success and Shahid totally agrees to it.



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