Gender Stereotype

Hello society. How have you been? How’s the moil of judging the young peer going on? You have taught us a lot so far. But, today, i want you to stay a little off as we , the breed of this century, are here to parley our sketches.

Gender Stereotype

So, boys I am not here to talk about feminism today. I just heard somewhere that the society has  put the burden of masculinity upon you and taught you not to cry as it makes you a loser.Well, trust me , it does not. It never does. Let it out and breathe a bit because we are not here to judge you. We are here to ameliorate. I refuse to agree with this old fraternity on some of their conjectures. First of all,there is nothing like ‘ crying like a girl’ . There’s only one thing and that is ‘ letting the shit out of you ‘. You want to cry ? We’re here to listen. You want to crib? we’re here to pamper.

Gender Stereotype

Secondly, you are not the only ones who are entitled to hold the door or pull the chair . Thank you for making us feel spesh. But, boys, we can do it for you too. Did it sound funny to you? Yes, maybe because you have always known these gestures to be effectuated by you only. This is where your theory impugn from mine. You will have to square with me on this- you deserve to be heard .

I was like 5 or 6 when i was so sure of this thing that boys are meant to be strong and girls fragile. I never questioned the rule of genders back then. As, for me, boys were those unassasilable life forms girls couldn’t be juxtaposed with. For me, boys were so prerogative and savage  who could do whatever they want. But growing up teaches you a lot. Yes, i grew up to be a Feminist, not the ‘we-deserve-a-separate-coach-for-us’ kind but the ‘speak-up-even-against-women-when-they-are-wrong‘ kind. Yes boys, you heard it right. That is the Gospel of Feminism. We are not surpassing the stature ; we are commensurating it.

Gender Stereotype

My boys, you can be strong AND sensitive . You CAN cook as well. This makes us equal;not the impostor notion of being a GUY or a GIRL. Before everything, we are humans. Our vaginas or your penises don’t make us disparate. The mingy conviction from the society’s nanoscopic idea of gender roles does.You being a male or a female doesn’t define you. Nor does your car or your bank account .YOU define yourself. And we love to see you in your sheer unadulterated form.

Admit guilt when the ball game demands. It won’t make you less of a man but discernible. Be the kind we could reach to when needed . Be the one who could reach us when needed. Be YOU. And let us be what we actually are. We don’t want to mess up with nature.

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