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10 Bewildering Facts About Famous Figure

We always remember people if they had contributed something to our happiness, tension or may be daily life. Basically people become famous when they do something extraordinary. Basically that extraordinary is a good thing. But some of us barely know the darker side of the so called famous personality. Yes there is some fact about our beloved famous figures that would  surely give you 100 watts of electric shock.

1.Bad Luck Of Titanic

I guess everyone is aware of the great ship named titanic. Even though it was a ship, it was no less than any famous figures. This was considered as the biggest ship at a time and it was supposed to be unsinkable. While travelling, it carried about 2200 passengers and crew members. This ship was going perfectly as per everyone’s expectation until it struck an iceberg. Water filled almost all the compartments and due to less availability of life boats lead to sacrifice of many innocent life. Almost 1178 people could be saved all total that is only 33% of the total people boarded. You can imagine how terrific that site might be.

2.A Man Turned Lead Into Gold

It is assumed that a person named Fulcanelli made the impossible work, possible. Can you imagine how can a lead be converted into gold? But the founder in still in darks. No one knows what’s his real name or what does he do or whether he is married or not. That person is still a complete mystery. Some believed that the person doesn’t exist in real life and the name is used by his master Canseliet. He might have published on Fulcanelli’s name but there were mistakes in the theory and the mystery is still unsolved.

3.Alexander Graham Bell Didn’t Invent The Telephone

Yes you heard right. Bell was not the real inventor of the telephone. It is believed that telephone was the real idea of a person named Antino Meucci. The main problem was his poverty. As per the rumors, the story is something like this. Antino had the idea of telephone but due to his poverty he filed half patent. He couldnot afford a full one. Then a tragedy took place in the form of boiler explosion where Antino was severely injured. When he came back, he came to know that his wife sold all his experiments and everything in the lab for $6 for his medication. Still he didn’t give up and made another model for western union telegraph company. But they also let him down and after 2 years, bell filed a patent for the telephone and Meucci was sued.

4.Micheal Jackson Wanted To Play Spiderman

Can you imagine that? Yes Michael so badly wanted to play the role of Spiderman. He discussed the situation with director Stan Lee and also said that he wanted to purchase the rights to the character. Lee explained that he needs to go to marvel and share his plans with them. When asked if Jackson would have done, well Lee said, “I think he would have done well. I think he would have done very well. But I must say Tobey Maguire was wonderful.” Whether this was a missed opportunity by the studios, or a pipe dream for Michael, we all can agree that Michael’s movies would be a thriller.

5.Martin Luther King Made A Living Plagiarizing

When anyone comes up with the name, Martin Luther King, the 1st thing that comes to his/her mind is his motivational speech. But guys do you know that this were not his own works? Yes all his works were plagiarized one. Dou you remember his infamous ‘I have a dream’ speech given at the republican convention in 1952 was originally given by Archibald j. Carey, an African- American lawyer in Chicago. Not only this, many of his works is plagiarized one

6.Ernest Vincent  Wright Wrote A Novel That Was Considered Impossible

You might have many fascinating novels like romeo  and Juliet, As you like it etc. but ever heard a novel named ‘Gadsby’? This novel is one of a kind. The speciality of this novel is that this novel has 50,000 words and none of them has the letter ‘e’. Yes you heard it right. Might be thinking how is that even possible? This impossible work was done by Ernest Vincent and all he did was taking out the letter ‘e’ from his typewriter. But he faced a lot of problem because many words like, he, she numbers between seven through thirty were off limits. But the book was criticized after its release

7.A Stolen Bicycle Inspired Muhammad Ali’s Carrer

Muhammad ali , the famous boxer, decided to walk forward in the direction of boxing cause of his stolen bicycle. His name was Classius Clay before he became a boxer. There was an incident in his early life that made him hi the gym. One time he and his friend were at the Columbia auditorium. When he came back he realized that his cycle was stolen. It was very valuable for him. The frustrated Classius told an officer that he wanted to beat up the thief. Coincidentally the officer was a boxing coach. He replied, ‘well you better learn how to fight before challenging people.’ That is when Ali’s passion began.

8.Charlie Chaplin’s Body Was Stolen From His Grave

Tom Wilson (le policeman), Charlie Chaplin (le vagabond) et Jackie Coogan (le gosse)
10 Bewildering Facts About Famous Figure

He died on December 25th, 1977 in his Switzerland home. What happened next was just a movie. Two men stealthily snatched Chaplin’s body from the cemetery and then contacted Chaplin’s wife Oona and demanded for 60,000dollars ransom. Otherwise, they cautioned again her children. Oona refused as her husband won’t approve of such a thing. The investigation started and concluded after five long weeks when police arrested two auto mechanics.

9.Thomas Edison Killed Animals By Electrocuting Them

Thomas Edison gave us many things that changed the world forever. His biggest invention was electricity. But the intelligent inventor also had a dark side. At a time, Edison was in a battle with Nikola Tesla to have control of America’s electric groundwork. Edison argued that his idea was the best and he needed a way to prove that the current was not secure. What better option than to electrocute a grown elephant. In fact, Edison had been electrocuting cats and dogs as well to test the currents.

10.Dracula Was A Sick And Merciless Person

10 Bewildering Facts About Famous Figure
When you think of Dracula, the picture that comes to your mind is a blood eating human. Dracula actually existed in 15th century. Bram Stroker wrote a chilling novel about this very particular man. He lived in a Transylvanian city. He wasn’t any typical prince. In fact he was Vlad, the Impaler. Vlad was credited for murder of 40,000 to 80,000 in his tenure. But how he did the brutal killing is what making him truly terrifying.

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