What if I Ever Blew it off?

The way you cloy things up,

Leaves me lovestruck.

Makes me forget the path so dark and flaky.

Just don’t know why,

I’m so crestfallen.

You’re the best I have ever known

The phase would be the hardest when you’re gone.

What if I Ever Blew it off?

I am hating the days going by so fast

Trying hard not to think when

All of it falls apart.

Will you forgive me if I ever blew it off?

I know it’s gonna be tough

None of us is used to this kind of rough.

What if I Ever Blew it off?

I need your love all the time

It’s like the priceless dime

And sourest lime.

And now I have ran out of words to rhyme!

What if I Ever Blew it off?

Annu beniwal
Annu beniwal
Wanderer, free soul, passionate about writing, 'cause some things are just worth doing!

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