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Emotional Healing and Animals 

Life is a highly monotonous affair, no? I can bet that many people are surely going to agree over it. But those who don’t must have either not been accustomed to this fact yet, or they are deeply over-optimistic. Quite fortunate beings they are, no? Well, but this article is for those who are well-tormented with the humdrum of life. On coming across the day-to-day struggle and chaos of life, many people start losing their grasp over their minds. Irritating mental conditions, like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, mood disorder, nightmare disorder, and other mental conditions grab hold of their brains and start affecting their life and actions. Their sanity often starts shaking because of that. However, there may be other reasons too. Whatever be the reason, mental conditions are deeply distressing.

Roy T. Bennett states:

“Happiness depends on your mindset and attitude.”

Well, it becomes crystal clear that one cannot stay happy until and unless one’s mindset and attitude are not in their appropriate forms. But there exist a very easy and highly effective way to relieve one’s stress and emotional chaos. Animal-assisted therapy is an inexpensive and fruitful treatment method highly useful in treating the one’s struggling with mental conditions. It is a type of alternative therapy.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy involves the use of animals to treat psychological and emotional disorders. The people struggling with depression, anxiety or any other mental condition often start excluding themselves from the society. They try to carve a space of their own, in the attempts of which, they often end up in seclusion. In order to assist people in such states, animal-assisted therapy can play a great role. It can act as an assurance to them that they aren’t alone in this world; and being a part of this world, they can create their own world.

Animal-assisted therapy

Under animal-assisted therapy, emotional support animals are used to heal one’s emotional agitation. Such animals usually include dogs and cats. However, any animal which provides any sort of comfort, relief, or support to a mentally-disturbed person can be termed as an emotional support animal.

Emotional Support Animals and Healing

Emotional support animals play a great role in making a person feel calm and stress-free. They often provide a sense of safety to relieve distressed minds. Animals are a great way to divert one’s attention. The companionship and love that one gets from an animal can do wonders. Embracing, cuddling and loving an animal is one of the most joyous things that can soothe chaotic souls. Regular playing with an animal can take one out of depression, as it can force one to start taking interest in life.

Emotional support animals can heal a person not only mentally, but also physically and spiritually as well. People feel happy and healthy in the presence of animals. They feel blessed to have someone by their side all the time listening to their hearty talks and confessions, as otherwise they feel shattered in their loneliness. Animal-interactions have proved to be highly beneficial in improving the mental health of those suffering with depression, anxiety, mood disorder, bipolar disorder or other mental conditions. One often gets habitual to feeding one’s pet, taking it out for a walk or taking care of it, and therefore, consequently gets a purpose and routine in life.


Animal-assisted therapy is a magical way of reducing mental torments. In some cases, it can do what no medicines or treatment methods are capable of doing. Emotional attachment with an animal is a highly effective way of alleviating loneliness and bestowing salubriousness. According to a recent study on mentally-disturbed people, it has been found that in more than 75% cases, depressed people’s health improved due to having a pet as an all-time companion. So if you are an emotionally-distressed soul, then go and get an emotional support animal for yourself and start healing the roots of your soul. But remember, the joy one gets into nurturing a street animal is nothing in comparison to taking care of a pet bought from a pet shop. So, adopt a street animal and give it the love and care it deserves, and receive its true affection in return.

Happy healing!

Sheena Dawar
Sheena Dawar
Sheena Dawar is an introvert who believes words are melodies that stir the soul and colors that paint the canvas of possibility. She embodies the spirit of a poet, breathing life into each syllable and crafting stories that dance in the hearts of those who dare to dream. Sheena has completed her MBA from The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women and degrees in English Literature and Comparative Literature from the University of Delhi. With more than 6 years of experience, she excels in creating engaging content across various platforms, specializing in SEO writing, copywriting and digital marketing. As a brand manager at 9.9 Group, Sheena orchestrates innovative strategies that resonate with audiences and elevate brand presence. Her journey includes stints as a content head and instructional designer, where she curated engaging educational courses for leading ed-tech platforms. Fuelled by a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship, Sheena spearheads her own website, where she curates compelling narratives and mentors a team of writers in crafting SEO-friendly content. Beyond her professional pursuits, she's a fervent advocate for veganism and is embarking on her vegan venture, driven by a commitment to animal welfare, sustainability and ethical living.


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