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Wedding bells

When someone is murdered, police first investigates the spouse …well this tells you everything you want to know about marriage. Jokes apart, so the happening and glittering marriage season is going on and i feel this great desire to express my views on this sacred bond but mostly i want to write about the fun ceremonies before and after marriage, which makes the idea of getting married very fascinating. Everyone wants to get married once in their lifetime even those who never wants to stuck in marriage. Umm a little confused?

Big fat Indian Weddings

My friend’s weddingSo what makes everyone so excited about these marriages, what i have observed so far is that these notions about marriages makes them so interesting and adventerous. So basically this begins with a news that any of your relative or family member is getting married, suddenly your monotonous boring life gets a kick and then follows all the prepartions, which ultimately results in almost emptying your pockets, all the unecessary cosmetic stuff and the necessary one also, you found out that you are running out of some cosmetic products so you go to buy just 2 or 3 products and then end up buying the whole store. Your daily schedule becomes more hectic but its like a cherry over the cake where you have to spare out some extra time for checking out your dresses and all the other necessary stuff.
Again some shopping from a small cute hair clip to classy heels , talking to so many people and asking for their weird advises on how you can look amazing and give a tough competition to bride and groom. When you all of a sudden remembers about a dress that your friend has posted on social media last year , from all the questions and enquiries which leads you nowhere this venture turns more amusing after all your futile efforts. Oh the gratifying part when you start rising in self love &  pampering yourself at home , going to saloon to get the glow of a royal Princess or Queen in a very short time span, after neglecting yourself for  decades. Some sarcastic stuff, but that true. Anyways the best part is shopping, for some unique attires, to beat the collection of all top designers or some window shopping as eye tonic from checking out all the roadside cheap clothes to trendy designer collection the happiness that you attain is just precious.
Finally after getting a perfect dress , you are like on ninth cloud and lost in your own dream world thinking about how will you look , how you gonna flaunt about it among your friends and relatives and will turn itno a sensation on social media with just one dress,  click click click, which actually happens but still its silly.

The Wedding day

Taking the Saat Phere
Wedding bells

Getting ready, like a diva or a supermodel  & when you dress like a fashion icon celebrating your beauty in a way that no one can beat you. Its like watching a fusion of great indian culture with western thrills, and your attitude on that particular day creates the fire. Meeting all the relatives after years, with shyness checking out their behaviour and other people too by that i mean dresses of other girls & so on. But i personally check for snacks, which is important too. Yeah as time passes, some time and  after basic introduction the fun begins, you just throw away the disguise of decency and show your real self.

Like just try & imagine this scenario talking and talking , laughing loudly, eating like its the last time you are getting the delicious food, plates full, no you are no longer hungry but your lust for food knows no bounds so you keep on drinking soft drinks and try hard to digest everything , that urge to try each & every cuisine, and selfies not to forget. That blushes you get when people comments on your dress and when they are staring you like hell..So in and all these small stupid things say for some time makes us mad & happy both at the same time.

My perception

Well according to me, i realy dont appericiate these mindsets who turn marriages into such a grand affair i mean, basically i dont like wastage lets say of flowers and food and not to forget money , i feel people should invest it for themselves or try to do some charity on their big day instead of flowing money or actually showing off about their status. But yes this one day and the whole rush no doubt, can make anyone super excited to get married just to enjoy this whole phase, because even brides are more excited about their lenghas than their grooms, how will they look , their dance , so basically i know some people who are least interested in getting married but they surely wants to get married once just to have all this fun and then get back to their normal lives being happy singles…………
An aspiring human on the formidable journey of Dreams, Holding a masters degree in English Literature, flowing her ink with a desire to metamorphose this planet into something empyrean.


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