Embracing the Loneliness

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Every time when someone laughs a lot, people say control your joy and laughter or else later on it will make you cry. Well you must be thinking, nothing of that sort will happen. But you never know, the chubby friend of yours who cracks joke all day may cry herself to sleep at night. May be the sayings are not wrong after all, they come from experience and are shared through maturity. As her mind grab thoughts that frightens her heart that is when the tear rolls down her eye. she is lying there thinking out aloud.

Embracing the Loneliness

When all that laughter echoed in my ears,

Eyes swelled up with all my tears.

When heart lost all its faith,

The mind was filled up with all the myth.

As I hopped all my way in the day,

I was now helpless lying in the hay.

In the bright light my lips always chirped,

Now in the dark they continuously shivered.

Gathered around people I’m glad and cheerful,

Now trapped in the loneliness I’m helpless and fearful.

I made my friends cry with laughter,

Now I ditch myself and deeply slaughter.

The warm blush of smile and happiness,

Now replaced with the warmth of my tears and heaviness.

Meanwhile I swallowed the best bite of food,

Now I swallow the lump of my mood.

As I was a loud big mouth,

Now I try to hide my breath sound.

All the calmness and serenity was around,

Now they all went away and creepiness surrounds.

As I wonder how everything can be so perfect,

The dreadful thoughts come over making me dejected.

As the days picture flashes in my eyes,

My tears soak the pillow and dry up acting really wise.

Another day begins with a bright smile like senora,

I try to hide all that pain with a slight mascara.

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