Discriminating not just on the basis of gender, caste, or religion, but hairs too!



    Girls!! Want to be more feminine?  More prettier? More charming and beautiful?

    Come one come all. Shave some shave all!! Get rid of “unwanted “hair. Yes!! Hairs visible on your bare arms can make you look monstrous, then why not remove them? Beauty is just a painful wax away! Waxing makes you more appealing physically and revolves the world around you


    Does it really? It is no April fools day. Sitting idly, watching my somewhat hairy hands, I wondered, had barbie dolls been hairy all over, who would have bought them for their kids? Contradictorily, another thought that strikes me is that while teddy bears are all hairy everywhere, they are preferably more adorable than barbies.




    If removing the hair off your body makes you look and feel more pleasant, then why not shaving off the hairs over the head is considered equally pleasant too?  My argument is not to convince you all to never shave it or keep it, rather, my focus is on telling everybody that introducing changes of any kind in our lifestyle should be as per our wishes, and not for others if these changes don’t benefit us spiritually.




    If a hairless body is “feminine”, then why restrictions to shave the heads? Long hairs are almost “mandatory” for girls everywhere, speaking of India in particular. Also, it is believed that girls with long hairs must behave gently. However, girls having short hair are scorned seldom.  Why?



    In hostels and schools, to maintain uniformity among all the students, they are uniformed likewise; however, attempts are made to make them have short hair. In schools, girls with long hair must form plates, while in hostels, all their hairs are chopped off to resemble alike.



    The main idea being that it is easy to control them if their hairs are short.



    Had Katrina Kaif really been Katrina Kaif with all her hairs visible, irrespective of her talent? Also, if now she appears publicly without waxing any hair, either her fans would all be enraged or they could take it positively, loving her as always.  Companies selling such products sell them not as beauty treatments or enhancement products, rather, the advertisements they make to promote their sales, produce effects on viewers that only after using such products the society would accept these individuals as suitable. The societal notion of “beauty” is very complex, typical, and difficult to change but surely, not impossible.




    Hence, one cannot be more “feminine” or “masculine” by removing or adding hairs or something else. Such notions are stereotypical and largely societal. However, one can certainly be more honest with oneself by doing what one wants or likes for oneself, without pressure of any kind.



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