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Book Cafes In India

Well, have you ever heard of the phrase saying “a lot can happen over a cup of coffee? This phrase is very well utilized by most of the café owners all around the world. Coffee or tea is essential part for a considerably major portion of the workaholic humans. Caffeine addicts often cannot imagine starting their day without their cup of preferred beverage.

Book lovers and consistent readers often get hooked up on completing their favorite picks by pulling all nighters. But in today’s society where everyone asks you to be more extroverted and superficially social, even the book lovers got to go out for the sake of their social existence. People often think that a book person would naturally occur to be an introvert. Which is not exactly true, most book lovers can easily connect with strangers whom they find to be like minded. So it would not be wrong to say that they by the virtue of their own will prefer to be selectively social!


And the very existence of book cafes is entirely for such book lovers or busy people who would like to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading their choice of book while munching on tasty snacks.

Book Cafes In India

The idea of opening book cafes was not strong willed at first due to its considerable chances of not getting enough profit. No one thought a café with a book shop would last very long but it was around in 2000 when the Cha Bar, Oxford bookstore’s first book café opened in Kolkata. And there is no need of questioning how well it prospered because today Cha Bar has a total 30 outlets in major cities and towns in India.

So the idea of reading your favorite author while sipping a cup of coffee actually prospered. Many people argued over the fact that one can visit the cafes only during morning or afternoon hours because in the evening hours it gets crowded and noisy. But peace finders can always find their way so the benefits of a book café can never be ignored. And due to the very existence of book café, many peer groups could continue their work in peace and did not have any trouble in finding places where they could work on their group projects and hold their discussions.

Here are some of most beautiful book cafés in India:

 Leaping windows, Andheri West, Mumbai.

If you are a manga or graphic novel lover just like me, then you cannot afford not going to this place. It is a basement library and has book collection for all ages. Its cozy in every sense and their choices on the menu can never disappoint you. If you are up for a book date, do visit this amazing place.

Book Cafes In India
Book Cafes In India

Café story by chai break, Kolkata.

This place has a huge library with over 3000 titles and a menu from which you can pick your favorite beverage and snack. The thing that makes it different from other book cafes is the variety of board games you get to play when you come here. Oh, you will never regret coming here because they get access to writing and sketch pads, brushes and paints. To sum it up, you will absolutely find it amazing.

Cha Bar CP, Delhi.

Do I even have to write anything about it? It serves you with the variety of almost all the exotic range of teas available in the world. And let’s not forget that we are talking about the Oxford book range here. You can find almost every book which is on your wishlist to buy or read. All you need to do is find a table, order your choice or cake or snack and enjoy your book. This can be considered as one of the heavens for the book lovers.

Book Cafes In India

There are many more, but I would say these three tops my list and it would be a shame to not share this with you. So, visit these places, and you find them to be your new go to place just like the central perk of the famous tv series F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Happy binge reading!

Ayushi Mishra
Ayushi Mishra
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