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Electronics & Communication Engineering: Interesting Facts to Pursue It

Electronics & Communication Engineering is a branch of studies that deals with the science of electrons that covers a wide range of applications. This includes Television, Radio, computers, telecommunication, etc. which make our life easier and enjoyable. ECE is the backbone of the modern communication system which also rules rocket science to telecommunication everything. Present-day scenario, modern applications like the Internet of things (IoT), Robotics, and also Embedded Systems are highly dependent on the knowledge of Electronics.

Electronics and communication engineering above all is one of the most in-demand courses in engineering currently. Technically speaking, the courses are a hybrid of electrical engineering and computer programming.

Let’s shed some light on the interesting aspects of Electronics that will allow +2 students to evaluate their PCM career options. This will allow proper career planning well ahead of the completion of their term and will help bust myths about a career in engineering.

Students who complete this degree go on to design medical equipment including surgical robots or help in creating sustainable energy and power systems that allow in combating climate change. In addition, such technologies are going to be pivotal in ushering change in the 21st century.

Let’s look at the interesting facts about this course:

1. Ability to Help the World

As a technologist, you would be inventing and reinventing technologies and products thereby helping the world live better and serving society at the same time. This is an added incentive for studying electronics and communication engineering. Besides this, computer and electrical engineers have remained indispensable right from the onset when these fields came into existence. Hence, you will also remain an integral and relevant part of any organization that you join in the future.

2. Become a Lifelong Innovator

With your expertise in maths and also science, you will be able to design affordable, efficient, accessible, and sustainable solutions. These will help the world solve the most pertinent problems facing mankind. You will be treading the path walked by legends like Nikola Tesla, Tim Berners Lee, Heinrich Hertz – all of them came with a pedigree in electrical and computer engineering to leave a legacy in their respective fields. You might just be the one contributing the next big thing in science and technology.

3. Be Part of Global Corporations specializing in Electronics & Communication

Engineers at work
Engineers at work

In the initial part of your career, you may mostly do run-of-the-mill jobs. However, after gaining experience and establishing your credentials as a sound technologist, your chances of working with global corporations open up big time. With the right skills, knowledge, and expertise, you can easily land a job in global corporations or Fortune 500 companies to work at emerging and also evolving technologies that can change the face of the future. Ultimately, it is your work ethic and professionalism that get rewarded, earning you the privilege of working at cutting-edge technologies that are going to bring you immense satisfaction.

4. Scope for High Salaries after a degree in Electronics

Electronics and computer engineering is a vast field with a lot of scope in the future as well. This makes the students passing out from this course quite sought after by companies everywhere. With some of the students earning high pay packages in their first job itself, this is not a trend that will fade away soon but will continue as long as there is a need for computer and electrical engineers. Even the below-par engineering graduates in this field are likely to get accommodated in the job market given the scope of these fields.

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5. Opportunity to Work Overseas

Given the multitude of opportunities for invention and innovation within this field. It is quite certain that your work and effort would find an audience outside the country. With the easy availability and access to information, your contribution as technical papers or patents can get instant recognition and attention from global companies. Head-hunters from these companies can directly approach you, opening your door to work overseas on cutting-edge technologies. Many of our scientists and technologies have found plum projects and opportunities overseas due to their impeccable work output in electrical and computer technologies.

6. Your Work Will Not Feel Like a Routine

The broad scope of the domain means you will always be in the process of inventing, reinventing, and updating products, systems, and processes within an organization. You are more likely to have a pivotal role in most ongoing projects, allowing you to make a crucial contribution to all ongoing projects. Such a scenario presents both an exciting and challenging work environment where the possibility of getting bored or monotony is remote. Overall, the crucial nature of your work will get you the necessary acknowledgment and recognition from important quarters within the company.

Electronics & Communication Engineering: Interesting Facts to Pursue It

7. Better Career Prospects in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Although an electrical or computer engineering graduate might start in their respective fields, over time, their experience and skill-sets are transferable to other domains. Such graduates have skill sets that can be put to good use in other technological fields including healthcare, aerospace, bioengineering, construction, manufacturing, automation, transport, telecommunication, and even entertainment.

Given the broad career horizon, the chances of an electrical and computer graduate getting stuck in a dead-end job are quite remote. If you reach stagnation in your career, you have the choice of switching domains due to the advantage offered by transferrable and replicable skill-sets.

8. Ability to Utilise What You Learn

In most cases, people generally find employment in companies that do not correlate with what they studied in their graduation. This, however, is not the case with electrical and computer engineering as engineering graduates are likely to put their knowledge to use in their working environments. It can be immensely satisfying to work in an environment where you are required to apply your theoretical understanding to actual real-world projects, processes, and systems.

A degree in electrical and computer engineering opens many doors. Although you may not have given your future career path much thought just yet, the skills you’ll develop – along with the awareness of relevant contexts, such as business and environmental issues that you’ll acquire in your degree – will give you all you need to get started.

9. Most Billionaires are Engineers

If you measure career success, it is proven beyond doubt that the richest people in the world are engineers. Jeff Bezos of Amazon studied electrical engineering, the Google founder Larry page studied computer engineering, Carlos Slim from Mexico studied engineering. The chances of engineering graduates catching the entrepreneurial bug are quite strong and most engineers are known to succeed with their own companies. No one is certain about the future but there is a good possibility that engineers make good entrepreneurs. This can be a reason for engineering students to remain inspired and aspire high.

Electronics & Communication Engineering: Interesting Facts to Pursue It


While there may be ambiguity and confusion in choosing a relevant field in engineering after +2, this need not always be the case as there is a multitude of options available with students to choose the right career track. Finally, I can say to build a great and diverse career after higher secondary, B. Tech in Electronics is one of the most promising options where a student may opt for multidisciplinary careers.

In conclusion, thanks to the constant modification, invention, and re-invention of various gadgets and products, you’ll never be bored as you put your knowledge, imagination, and technical skillset is put to the test. What more could you want?

Rakhul Kumar
Rakhul Kumar
Project Associate at IIT Madras || Instrumentation Engineering from Anna University |


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