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Work From Home – The New Normal

The concept of social distancing became consequential post the COVID-19 spread. This new effect of a virus has made several of us feel like being home during a snowstorm. 

We are grinding ourselves to outlive this challenge and become the fittest survivors. Planning on bargaining groceries, cleanliness and sanitary needs along with keeping up the power of working. From working, I gather, setting computers, channeling good connectivity, and festoon upon a comfortable space in your dwelling. 

Initially, it came across as fun waiting for the impact to fade. I could hear the excitement of people working from home, getting in their comfortable pajamas, taking breaks, and going for a watchful snowstorm. Having all your loved ones besides completing your assigned chore.

Work From Home - The New Normal
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What a great joy!

But as time passed by, we are now, no longer in the excitement. The snowstorm has left us feeling warmer than ever. The excitement of staying at home has worn off. We are all preparing to buckle down and establish a routine for this new normal lifestyle that was once a small bliss. 

In this new era of challenges, it is important to accept the new normal. It’s a strange world at the moment, the greens around us are getting the much-needed break from pollution, human traffic, watching the birds sing, and the endangered species reviving. 

This has not left the digital world to sleep. It’s busier than ever before. This unanticipated spurt has left the remote working digital platforms in a huge spike, with less productive tools, reducing bandwidth. Studies reveal the new normal will be standardized soon and may help to spur digital transformation out of the wheeling necessity. 

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Cultural Quarantine

Work From Home - The New Normal
Credit – Pexels

Introverts have settled into a month of elysium, and extroverts are scraping sand from walls. The new reality is remote and before COVID-19 this was skeptical. 

Tyto PR, one of the leading PR agencies have reported countries having up to one-fifth of employees working remotely include the UK and US. Despite the benefit of allowances before, only 41% of the workers had the technology infrastructure in place to continue the remote work model. 

Liberty and liberalism did not breed the remote work model. Rather, it has been brought into place to cope with productivity, security, business and the regulation of money. Your security from home is the current circumstance, compromising which can jeopardize the security of an entire community. 

The challenge today is the lack of preparation for a drastic shift to the digital way of working. 

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The New Emplacement 

Digital transformation is a buzzword today. 

Waiting for an improvised quarantine lockdown to stabilize, how the transformation would take place, getting accustomed to the tectonic shift – erstwhile known nine to five routine and acclimatizing the superfluity of the remote model. 

From booking tables at the diners app and checking ratings on Zomato, to planning a meeting with zoom, and Google meet. A surprise element for some and construed as something unusual, the new normal calls for a comfortable exchange of hands without face to face interaction. 

Salaried and drawing a monthly output, sitting with the laptop working on technologies, it’s still easy to accept. The shift in paradigm is for artists as they live by the day to day performances. The world of content writing, modeling, filming, and scripting is in no position to struggle. The only outcome remains time and patience. 

Live entertainers performing on video conferences are taking away the grab. Improv community around the world has presently gravitated towards the digital platform of bringing things online. 

Do you think this will help? 

The live performance will no longer be entertained, and remote resource will be accessible. 

Quick Tips To Keep Your Performance Stable During This New Normal

Work From Home - The New Normal
Credit – Pexels

Schedule – If you haven’t done it yet it’s time to set your mind into it. The time parameter is primary if you are working from home. Take the liberty of both. If you are homeschooling your kids, both you and they need a routine.

A perfect time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Schedule proper sleeping time, studying time and your working time. Disciplinarian time-bound parameters will help each of you cope up with the lapse caused. 

Workspace – When it is working from home, you can work from anywhere. The initial idea was only for a few weeks, and now the extension is becoming a challenge. You do not have a workspace until now when you know it will be longer than expected. 

Figure out the best place to work. Make sure your internet connectivity is finest where you set your computer or your laptop. This adjustment within the family will make each one effective around each other. Your workspace should be confined to you. 

Teach your children not to intrude when you are within your office space. Even if you are sitting all day and you have to keep your computer busy to cover the nine hours, make sure the understanding of your work importance is preached to all. 

Availability – Companies are at liberty to reach out to anytime during the day while working remotely. Communicate with your clients and consultants of the hours you won’t be available. Make sure your working hours are completed effectively else they might be inviting you for meetings all day long. 

If you have children and you are homeschooling them, you have the time to cover up all the family time you lost previously, and the bonding that one seemed difficult. Negotiate whatever you can with your office and it’s important to stick to it. 

Probable Solution To The Enigma 

The idea of work from home is to facilitate safety during the lockdown. It was previously seen as an excuse for not working, but the pandemic has drastically changed the perception of companies. This crisis will make it a mandate for government bodies and authorities to work collectively.

The unavailability of a device ecosystem and the right level of security allowances mandates a multifactor authentication process. The need for a remote enterprise collaboration system will be increasingly effective, going forward. The sectors first collaborating will be public utility and healthcare. This sudden eventuality is not only embraced by private sectors, but by the government too. 

The new work from home model is putting forward a population scared of losing a job, which is automating productivity and keeping things in place. With the extension of the 21 days lockdown, companies have modified the terms of remote models except those providing essential services. The skeptic idea for the work from home model did not make it effective and amid today’s pandemic, the fear of losing what you draw at the end of the month is keeping all minds active. 

Unpredictable, But Future!

Keeping asymptomatic employees away, was the motive. But by the time you realize he was the one infected, the entire block may test positive. The remote model today is acting as a catalyst for employers to allow the flexible working culture to expand capabilities and look beyond the selfish means, which once wrapped employees beyond their working scope. 

The new normal is creating a borderless world, baffling lives of no dimension. The cloud of darkness is what future awaits, the only silver lining being the clarity prioritization. Risk management policies, security protocols are being reviewed to bring a mobile and flexible option of work. 

Note that, collaboration would work, not with technology alone. 

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