Into the unknown, my feet led me,

as I entered a new phase, bold and free.

But the unfamiliarity struck a chord of apprehension,

with all fresh faces adding to mounting tension.


The fated moment questioned my venture new;

the urge for a voyage, sans my crew.

Luckily then came a pat on my back,

reverting my mind to its decided track.


For the charming smile on the gleaming face,

obliterated tension’s every trace.

Time aided blossoming of a bond for life;

Watching our souls draw closer with each strife.


No ordeal enfeebled the mutual concern,

how this flourished, none could discern.

Enough of hurdles now, let’s focus on joys,

for to merriment, there aint no ‘hows’ and ‘whys’.


Through peals of laughter, years gushed past,

still our love hovers at the mast.

No worldly existence has ever been perfect,

only friendship helps embrace a person’s defect.


Nothing endears better than a heart with love,

So never let go, by the word of Jove.

Praying that this magic never meets an end,

I sign off with a Love you, my dear friend.

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