Sometimes life is smooth and sometimes tricky, but you need to tackle both sides with utmost care and balance them. Many things happen unexpectedly and many a time we create our own mess. Here are the famous four situations every person has gone through once in their lifetime.

When you are excited about something but everything goes wrong

i-can-do-itYes, it happens a lot and with everyone I’m sure. You must have selected the best outfit for the prom night and to impress your date but the biggest rival of yours turns in wearing the same dress. Yes, that simply can give you mini attack as your all efforts will go in vain, that snobbish girl and you will be the matches. Have you ever been planning a night out on the beach side but your friends ditch on the last minute and you are the only one counting waves and stars on the beach. So what it is fine because your plans collide with the destiny, so nothing can be done now…

When your best friend finds a new best friend

new-best-friendOuch! That hurts a lot, everyone must be now smiling as you feel you have been gone through this. When you see your bestie holding someone else’s hand while roaming around or hanging out; she orders whatever her new friend wants to eat and not what you both always share. Her phone is now filled up with the newbie’s selfie. I know it always feels bad irrespective of age because only venues change like from school playground to shopping spree to kitty parties. But if your best friend finds a new best friend then this places will haunt you with loneliness…

When you do all the work but credit is taken by some else

Image of businesswoman leader looking at camera in working environmentYes, remember that school project you did all the work but just because you have a partner who is self-obsessed, he took all the credit…that big mouth. This happens a lot when at work, your presentation but credit is taken by your senior. You must have felt like hitting him hard in the face but you need your job badly so you can satisfy yourself just by imaginations. Okay for the ladies who are married, you must have given hours to prepare your husband’s favorite dish. But your mother-in-law takes away all the credit just by serving the food and bragging about how tired she is. Yes, blood boils right haha! Ghar ki Kahani.

When you are invisible for your crush

crushToo bad, you are dying for her looks and she doesn’t even care to know if you are alive or dead. Those love songs torcher you because it reminds you of her, you have turned into a complete stalker for her. You know what time she leaves from home who all her friends are. You are a regular follower on Facebook. I know you got a high time nostalgia by reading this, everyone has a crush. Some are lucky to turn them into their better halves, others turn someone else’s crush into their better halves. Luck matters buddy…staring won’t help you need to get back the action.


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