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Dad, You’ve always been our SuperHero

Dearest DAD,

Cherished and adored by the world,

Extolled by peers,

Possessing the magical smile,

You’ve procured the copious achievements after plodding that mile.

Gifted with that placating voice,

Discreet in judgment and mind,

Affection for us scintillates in thy ravishing eyes.

The perfect blend of determination and noblest discernment,

As facile as an oyster,

Our most precious amenity,

Dad, you’ve never failed your duty.

Because Dad,

You’ve always been our superhero,

From teaching us how to crawl to constantly protecting us in the form of a strong wall.

Because, Dad, our happiness emanates from you,

You’ve always been the firmest pillar of the house during those ardent times,

Riding us around the house being our horse,

And even today, making us sleep peacefully by those beautiful rhymes.

You’ve fulfilled the minutest to the magnanimous of our wishes,

Because today, gratitude and respect gushes in our hearts,
Thank you for being there for us like the twinkling stars.

Khushbu Kirti
Khushbu Kirti
I'm currently pursuing English Honours from the University Of Delhi. I am a passionate writer, a keen dancer and an avid thinker. I believe that poetry is one of the most puissant weapons.


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