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Corruption – The Social Evil

Corruption is the most dangerous social evil prevailing in each and every part of society in today’s world. It has its roots all around and has spread like a contagious disease.

The unethical form of earning money by misusing the power just to satisfy the individual needs is termed as corruption. People in various sectors like government and private misuse their power just to make money. We can see corruption having its hand in various fields like education, sports and games, hospitals, business, industry etc.

Corruption has mainly evolved due to the greediness of people. The easy way of making money without doing much hard work is the mindset of many people. So people find ways to earn money by mishandling their power and position of responsibility.

Hands passing money under the table corruption and bribery
Hands passing money under the table corruption and bribery

Corruption is not a word but an act which is prevailing in the world form the ancient times. It was in its run during Sultan and Mughal periods. From there till now, corruption kept on growing instead of being vanished.

People having power make common people suffer by asking them to pay huge bribes for getting their work done. It not only affects common people but also affects the growth of the nation and its income. Developing and developed nations face this evil because of the corrupted employees.

North Korea and Somalia are competing with each other to be the number one position in corruption. India is on the 81 place among 175 countries in corruption.

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Types of Corruption

As per our knowledge, Bribe is the word for the money obtained through corruption. But there are several forms of a hindrance. Let us know them in detail.

  • Extortion
  • Blackmail
  • Graft
  • Embezzlement
  • Theft and fraud
  • Networking
  • Abuse of Discretion
  • Influence Peddling
  • Nepotism
  • Favoritism
  • Clientelism

The method of obtaining money by force or threat is called as extortion. It is illegal and can be subjected to the law. Threatening people by having any personal information about them and making money not to reveal such information is called as blackmail.

The abuse of political power to meet personal gain is termed as a graft. It is an American word and has a medical origin. Misuse of position comes under graft. Stealing of one’s savings or funds for the personal requirements is termed as embezzlement. Politicians use people funds for their personal benefit.

Theft and fraud are the other types of corruption which mean stealing public money in a wrongful way or a criminal way for the personal benefit and financial gain of other people.

Nepotism is the act of favoring their family and friends by offering them jobs without letting others come into light. This is also a type of corruption which involves the only the growth of their family.

Using the power of someone on someone’s behalf and making money for personal benefit is called as influence peddling. Using the influence of other people to make money is the other definition to influence peddling.

The misuse of decision making facilities and power of a person in order to gain money comes under an abuse of discretion.

Giving power to the person in favor of that person is called as favoritism. This also is termed as corruption as it leads to the misuse of power for personal gain.

Clientelism is another type of corruption which involves the exchange of goods and services in favor of power and money.

Corruption which has emerged from the negative mindset of people is a poison and has a negative effect on individual and nation. It affects social, political and economic activities of the nation.

People in power with the help of politicians make a huge amount of illegal money in the form of bribe or costly gifts. Gift offer is the fancy way of corruption.

Systematic corruption and Grand corruption are the two distinct forms of corruption. The misuse of the higher level of power which causes heavy loss to the common lives is termed as grand corruption. Politicians using their power to earn money and keep their power secured are called as systematic corruption. Petty corruption is middle and lower level officials using their power to make money illegally.

Corruption has to be entirely removed from the society for the better living conditions of the people and for the development of the nation both socially and economically. Otherwise, it will still lower the standards of the nation.

To lead a happy nation without any drawback, corruption should be eradicated from its roots. So every nation should follow some preventive measures to completely take away this evil from its root level.

Ways to Eradicate Corruption

  • Ethics – People are involved in this type of illegal activity due to the lack of ethical behavior. So they should be educated in schooling about the side effects of corruption.
  • Keep distance with Greediness – People have a hunger for money but cannot work hard to get it. So they find illegal ways and corruption has emerged. Remove hunger for money and earn money which satisfies your basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing.
  • Make payments Online – Corruption prevails because people follow offline methods to pay a fee or anything else. Making everything online can reduce this evil to some extent.
  • Modify Rules – Government and financial management rules should be modified. Old rules should be replaced with new ones. People involving in bribery should be subjected to prosecution and should be removed from their jobs without any second chance.
  • Awareness Campaigns – People should be educated about the side effects of corruption like how it is disturbing the nation’s growth. Campaigns and rallies should be conducted to educate the people.

The total management system of the nation should be modified in its own way in order to eliminate this social evil, corruption.

Final Word

I hope this article inspired you to bring the change to eradicate corruption. “Be the change you want to see in this world” stated by Gandhi should be everyone’s motto.

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