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Dancing is a great way to showcase one’s emotions, especially in India. So many forms of dance are out there like classical,folk,hip hop,salsa and the list goes on and on. If everyone is so crazy about dancing then why not make a career in choreography.

But being a choreographer is not that easy as it sounds to be.

  • Qualities To Become A Choreographer

There is a proper set of skills that you need to possess in order to become a successful dance guru.

First and foremost you must have a good sense of rhythm. Good posture and fit body are as important as good sense of rhythm is. Physical stamina is also an important factor.

you must be able to work under pressure and in odd hours. Choreography is not a regular nine to five job,do not expect it to be a predictable job. You must be able to adapt yourself according to the flexibility of working conditions.

Expertise in your dance forte is very crucial. You will not attain the desired heights if you are just a mediocre at your dance style.

Apart from the talent one must have absolute passion for it. We all know that the story behind every successful choreographer is filled with passion and struggle.

Duties Of A choreographer

Choreographer has to take care of the following-

  • Keeping Pace with new dancing forms and trends. The term choreography literally means dance-writing. You will have to create your own dance form or add your very own flavor to the existing dance form.
  • Rehearsing the dance movement until perfection. Choreographer should be flawless with their dance movements.
  • Deciding proper costumes according to the theme of performance is also concluded as the choreographer’s duty.


  • Cautions

Injuries are deeply associated with dance. Injuries among dancers are very common. You have to keep all those softy softy tantrums aside.

  • Work Fields

Choreography is sub-divided into many fields. Take a look at some of the popular ones.

  • Film choreography

Film choreography is most sought after field. The ultimate goal of almost every dance guru is to make the Bollywood Actors dance on their fingers.

  • Stage choreography

Here, you have to compose a sequence of dance steps for stage performances. Stage performance can be of many types such as theatrical, award functions etc.

  • Wedding choreography

India is well known for its big fat weddings. And it’s love for the larger than life function arrangements is not hidden from anyone. We celebrate relationships through weddings.

Earlier, a Sangeet function used to be just gathering of all the ladies from family, relatives and neighborhood. But now, the picture has changed. The Sangeet has become as elaborate as the wedding day itself. people start rehearsing their dance moves much before the big day. So, wedding choreography alone has a big chunk of career prospect in dancing.

  • Training

Although, dance is something gifted naturally by God to a few people. But, proper dance training from a good dance academy is always a plus point.


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