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Career in App Development

A mobile application or more conveniently known as mobile app is a software program which serves huge variety of functions from a simple calculator to a very complicated application which keeps track of all of your inventories. Apps are a big source of information and entertainment that is infotainment.

Apps are designed under numerous categories. Games, news, fitness, health, beauty, fashion to name a few. Mobile apps have added a new and exciting aspect to our lives. App designing is for those who are highly creative and have the ability to turn their ideas into reality.


As mentioned above creativity and the talent of bringing ideas to life is first and foremost thing required to be an app developer.

You must be passionate and willing to work as a team player. Should have an excellent understanding of clients’ requirements.

App designers have to keep themselves updated on current technology and the developments that are taking place in the world of technology.

Knowledge of servers, browsers, clients and stacks is very important.

Top view of designers creative app interface for user experience design near layouts and digital
Top view of designers creative app interface for user experience design near layouts and digital

Developer would be proficient in programming languages for writing applications on different platforms. You can get proficiency in multiple languages such as Java, c, c++, Oracle etc.

Educational Qualification:-

Anyone having a degree in MCA, B-tech (computer application) should come handy. Otherwise, you can engage into any mobile app designing course.

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If you have a knack for observing daily needs of people then no one can stop you from creating a successful application. But, only one thing can make your app a huge success, it should add value to the lives of your targeted consumers.

Everyone is running short on time, they depend heavily on mobile apps to do almost every task that can be accomplished through these applications.

Not only individual users but big organizations are also hiring their personal app developers. They get their apps designed specifically keeping marketing strategy into mind.

The app development market started to flourish in 2011 and there is no looking back since then. It’s booming with each passing day. A huge growth is seen in last two years.

So, the scope of a career in application development is really good.


Remuneration varies according to the work environment you are engaged in. Some app designers work individually and launch their app in the market. In that case, income directly depends on the demand of the app designed by them.

Whereas, you can expect anything ranging between 2.5- 4 lac per annum. But again, it varies organization to organization.


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