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India’s Largest Business Contest- TATA Imagination Challenge 2020

Tata offers a lot of challenges (like TATA imagination challenge) for student’s or employee’s professional growth. They believe that every challenge should intellectually stimulate you. And make you think and explore. It is assured that, every solution submitted will undergo rigorous evaluation. Various experts from Tata companies will be doing the evaluation from Tata companies to check its effectiveness.

India's Largest Business Contest- TATA Imagination Challenge 2020
You are invited for TATA imagination challenge

Why should you participate in these challenges?

  • Creatively engage with stimulating problems beyond your own context.
  • Contribute to the emerging phenomenon of collaborative solutioning.
  • Use the opportunity to express your leading-edge solutions.
  • Help Tata companies to accelerate in their innovations in diverse sectors.

About Tata Imagination challenge 2020- All India Business Competition

India's Largest Business Contest- TATA Imagination Challenge 2020
TATA Imagination Challenge

If you think that you can solve problems through your imagination. Therefore, this challenge is for you.

This challenge is India’s largest challenge, which is open for all the college-going students in the country and employees of Tata group across the world.

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All you need to know about this challenge:

Registration Deadline:

02 October’2020 (11:59 pm IST)

However, you all can participate in this challenge by following these steps:

Register yourself now!

1st Step: sign up on www.dare2complete.com

2nd Step: register yourself for the Tata Imagination Challenge 2020. And choose your track/ domain.

3rd Step: start your journey.

India's Largest Business Contest- TATA Imagination Challenge 2020
Ideas and you

Eligibility Criteria:

There are no such fancy criteria for participating in this challenge. The only qualification you need is a passion for ideas and a will to pursue them.

The Tata Imagination Challenge is open to students and all the employees of the Tata group.

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Eligibility for the students:

  • should be eligible for this track if you are a college- going student. (Undergraduate or a Postgraduate) From any stream, across the country.
  • You should be a current full-time student
  • You should have completed 10+2 schooling or equivalent
  • Are in the any year of college, after 10+2 schooling or equivalent
  • You should have enrolled for regular or full-time courses. Undergraduate or Postgraduate in a university/ college as of 1st September 2020, across India. 
  • Courses approved by AICTE or UGC only.
  • Your classes on your academic curriculum should have begun.

Eligibility for Employees:

You should be an employee on the permanent roles of any Tata company. Or Tata joint venture company. (globally)

Why you are not eligible for TATA Imagination Challenge:

For students:

  • You are a student but your classes have not started
  • Enrolled in a distance or correspondence education course
  • You are a passed out of your college
  • You are not a full-time student

For employees:

  • You are working professional and not on the permanent roles of Tata companies or Tata joint venture
  • You are on the roles of the JV partner of the Tata joint venture company

This challenge consists of three rounds:   

Round 1:

Brand Stories (Case lets) and Gamified Analytithon

In this round, you need to know more about Tata brand a little better through the case-lets comprehensions. And, you need to gear up your analytical skills with the Analytithon for a test. This will be conducted in a phased manner. each domain- Engineering students, B school students, Tata employees and other will be allowed to attempt with a particular window. And, a specific day will be allotted to your domain for the assessment.

Domain’s schedule:
  • Tata Employees, Arts and Science, and Other Domains: 10 PM, 3rd October 2020- 10 PM, 4th October 2020
  • Engineering Students: 10 PM, 4th October 2020- 10 PM, 5th October 2020
  • B school students (All IIMs): 10 PM, 5th October 2020- 10 PM, 6th October 2020
  • B school students (other than IIMs): 10 PM, 6th October 2020- 11:59 PM, 7th October 2020

However, certificate of appreciation will be given to the participants who scored well in Round 1 but could not make it to the next round.

Date- 03 October’2020 (10 pm) to 07 October’2020 (10 pm)

Round 2:

Case Landing and Submissions

In this round you will be given real world business cases to solve of the Tata group. Participants will be asked to choose one case out of 3 available case studies. They have to submit 5 slide presentation (excluding cover and end slides) plus, a video of up to 2 and a half minutes talking about the solution.

However, Merit certificates will be given to the participants who performed well in Round 2, but could not make it to next round.  

Date- 09 October’2020 (07 pm) to 18 October’2020 (11:59 pm)

Round 3:

Big Idea Presentation  

In this round, you need to present your big idea for TATA Imagination Challenge in front of a jury. This jury will comprise Tata group leaders.

The idea can be about:

  • Entrepreneurial/ Business- related/ from the social sector
  • Completely new or an extension of an existing product or a service
  • May or may not be a part of the Tata but should be mindful.

The evaluation of the Idea will be based on:

  • Scalable
  • Practical
  • Futuristic/ Innovative/ Challenging the conventional wisdom
  • It should have a Business case
  • You should have knowledge about the idea.
  • And, idea’s aspects should be presented during final pitch.

Date- (to be announced soon) 

Other Awards and Prizes

In addition, the Tata Imagination Challenge will have not one, but 13 winners (10 from students and 3 from employees). This journey is not only about winning, learning, interacting and making a mark.

India's Largest Business Contest- TATA Imagination Challenge 2020

More Exciting Prizes-

  • Cash prizes of Rs. 2 lakhs for each winner
  • Mentoring and shadow sessions by the Tata leaders
  • Access to Tata Tomorrow University- Our learning portal (www.tmtctata.com)
  • Nominations to flagship learning programs
  • TAS PPI (according to PPI guidelines)

Register if you have not registered yet!

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