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Biology Career Options after 12th Grade for the New Age Indians

Recent times have seen an exceptional surge in the demand and also lucrativeness of careers in Biology. A dominant part of this surge can simply be attributed to the acute necessity for diligent professionals, the latest technology, and additionally state-of-the-art equipment. Similarly, people on the frontline – Doctors, Nurses, and support staff – have motivated the younger generation with their heroism and servitude.

New-age careers in Biology are all the rage during this time as they enable one to push the boundaries of what we know and charter into areas with the potential to protect the entire humanity (quite literally)!
Generally, students choose the PCB group intending to select medicine as their career. But, only a few are aware of the solid and well-paid non-medical career options available. Well, if you are 10th-grade students and also wanting to choose PCB or 12th-grade students having a persistent question of “What can I do after 12th if I don’t want to choose medical stream?”. This blog will discuss the career opportunities for PCB students except medical after 12th standard.

What exactly is Biology?

Biology, simply put, is regarding how living organisms work. Biology studies an organism’s origin, structure, evolution, taxonomy, function, distribution, and growth. The crux is to learn and discover the knowledge which can then be extrapolated and pirouetted forward into a variety of career choices. In addition to technology, information consolidation and dissemination have become amazingly advanced. Everything that has lived on this earth can therefore be studied under Biology.

Most careers concentrate on a certain subset of Biology rather than being general regarding it, although attempting to do the latter is quite possible. Modern biology is a vast and also eclectic field, composed of many branches and sub-disciplines. There are modern Biology fields that we will talk about here since actually trying to pinpoint every career opportunity which is a potential offshoot of Biology is for all practical intents, impossible.

Career Options after Biology

Biology Career Options after 12th Grade for the New Age Indians
Biology Career Options after 12th Grade for the New Age Indians


Clinical research is the method of conducting studies or experiments involving the participation of people to ascertain the solution for specific questions concerning medicines and also human behavior. The most critical phase of the job is following the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) – guidelines developed by the International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH).


The scope of the stream is varied based on the interest, with opportunities ranging from

  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Researcher
  • Research Pharmacist
  • Clinical Project Manager

A bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, or any life sciences would make you eligible to choose this best non-medical career after PCB.


The median salary of a Clinical Research Associate is INR 337,000 per year in India.


  • B.Sc Clinical research
  • M.Sc Clinical research


The study of genes, variation in genes, and also heredity in living organisms sum up the scope of the fascinating field of Genetic Science. From seedless watermelons and multi-colored roses to pest-resistant crops and also faster-acting medication, genetic science has wide applications. Consequently, Geneticists find huge opportunities in public health, research, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, drug development and testing, and biotechnology organizations. They study the role of genes in disease and health as well as how they’re influenced by environmental factors. 


Genetics paves the process for various positions, including

  • Geneticist
  • Immunologist
  • Cytogeneticist
  • Forensic DNA Analyst
  • Medical technologist

It is one of the non-medical careers that pay well.


  • M.Sc applied genetics
  • B.Sc genetics
  • M.Sc biomedical genetics
  • M.Sc human genetics


The average salary for a geneticist in India is INR 380,000 per year

Biology Career Options after 12th Grade for the New Age Indians
Biology Career Options after 12th Grade for the New Age Indians


The remarkably fascinating domain of Bioinformatics blends Biology, Computer Sciences, Arithmetic, and also Statistics to gather, analyze, and interpret huge sets of biological data. This information could be regarding the immunity of individuals in a country, the effectiveness of an immunogen or medicine, or the influence of a nutritional supplement on people’s hormonal balance. DNA Sequencing, Genome Annotation, Comparative Gene Analysis are a few examples of projects Bioinformatics specialists work on in labs, research foundations, and biotechnology organizations, and also pharmaceutical companies. 


Pharmaceutical businesses, biotechnology firms, and health care organizations warmly welcome the bioinformatics analyst or developer after graduation. This stream also presents supplementary positions such as Clinical Research Associate, Bio Analyst, and medical technologists.


The average salary for a Bioinformatics developer in India is INR 915,628.


  • B.Sc Bioinformatics
  • M.Sc Bioinformatics

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Biotechnology is a broad area of Biology that involves the application of living organisms and also living systems to create desired outcomes. In addition, baking a loaf of bread using yeast, fermenting grains to manufacture alcohol, or making curd from milk are routine examples of Biotechnology. The discipline has ventured into sub-specializations of genetics, cryonics, grafting, and also regeneration. This is currently employed by manufacturers, medical professionals, engineers, and also research companies. It is to produce and innovate products for human use and consumption.

Biotechnology, as the name suggests, is a fusion of Biology and Technology. It is the study of organisms in the industrial process. These professionals work hard to improve the life of the general public vide various areas, including developing better fuel, improving the crop yields, monitor proper production of food items, developing vaccines and drugs for epidemic diseases, and so on.


The average salary of a Biotechnologists is INR 490,815 per year.


Many government and private companies hire a candidate with a Biotechnology degree. The other significant streams include

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Genetics
  • Clinical Research


  • B.Sc Biotechnology
  • M.Sc Biotechnology


Public Health Administrators fulfill the dual role of anticipating and preparing for an outbreak of a disease as well as its management and control in the event it happens. As Public Health Administrators engage with government agencies – at the center and the state – they work on key issues of planning, implementation, and also advocacy. They further can work with impact investing companies, healthcare audit companies, think tanks, civil society, developmental consulting organizations as well as healthcare projects of international agencies such as the UN, ADB, and World Bank


As the name suggests, one can become a Public Health Administrator with a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Certifications are not compulsory, but one can take up Certified Public Health Exams to get distinctively recognized as a public health administrator. It can be called the best career option after the 12th, especially for girls.


The average pay scale of a PHA in India is INR 387,363 per year.


  • B.Sc (Public Health)
  • MPH ( Master of public health)


As everything around us constitutes our environment, our interaction with them in addition to the consequent physiological changes that manifest from these interactions are extremely important. With climate change and the built environment progressing at a never-seen-before-pace, the need for professionals in Environmental Sciences has never been higher. From working with Architects and Engineers to improve sustainability to lobbying with lawyers for better environmental laws and planning and implementing better waste management and also water management systems to avoid the spread of diseases, the working opportunities for environmental scientists are ample. 


The various industries producing mines, water-treatment plants, in addition to fertilizer plants provide employment opportunities for Environmental scientists. Other government departments and agencies, in addition to forestry, pollution board control, and agriculture, regularly recruit environmental science graduates.


  • B.Sc Environmental science
  • M.Sc Environmental Science


The average pay scale for an environmental scientist in India is INR 450,000 per year.


Medicines, as they help prevent as well as cure a disease, have become an indispensable part of our modern-day lifestyle. Pharmacologists study and analyze the uses, effects, and modes of action of these medicines, and thus are pivotal in the development, testing, and trials of new medicines. Pharmacologists are also spearheading the development of personalized medicines, and find work opportunities with leading pharmaceuticals, superfood companies, and drug research labs and foundations.


The demand for Pharmacy graduates is high in Healthcare, Research, manufacturing, and medical marketing. The positions offered include Drugs inspector, drugs controller, hospital pharmacist, and computational pharmacist.


  • B.Pharma
  • M.Pharma


The average salary for a pharmacist is INR 256,524 per year in India.


Hydrology is the study of the movement in water through the atmosphere, and the professional who deals with this is therefore known as a hydrologist. There are several subdomains in hydrology, including marine hydrology, groundwater hydrology, and also water hydrology.


Compared to the private sector, the scope of jobs is higher in government organizations. Some of the significant roles in the field of hydrology are as follows:

  • Conservation scientist
  • Geoscientist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Lecturer / Professor 


  • B.Sc geography
  • M.Sc hydrology


The average salary for a hydrologist in India amounts to INR 911,974 per year.


The days of PCB equaling Medicine are therefore behind us. The new-age career options in Biology are ever-multiplying and therefore expanding. Today, there are innumerable course options, both for studying and researching, and in this article, we could only depict a fraction of the growing number of opportunities within Biology. Firstly, identify your interest by reading up on the course descriptions, only then decide which field of study you’re most interested in pursuing.

Rakhul Kumar
Rakhul Kumar
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