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Every celebration gives you an open opportunity to order a cake. The cake is not just about the celebration it also teaches your children, how to greet and share happiness with others by sharing a piece of it. A party without a cake is incomplete as it is considered as the best and vital part of any celebration. The cake is a box of happiness, full of taste and surprises. Celebrations like anniversary, birthdays, farewells, and a new trend like baby gender reveal are just a few drops of it. Nowadays the concepts of cake have changed it’s no longer just sweet, spongy, round, square, or heart in shape. Now you can customize your cake of your own, you can ask your cake designer to add whichever flavor, color, candles decoration you want to see them into. Also, Kolkata can never lag when it comes to sweet desserts or cakes, this is the place where people stop to taste thousands of sweets and pudding each one different from others. A hub of beauty, and sweetness along with amazing ‘Mishti’ people.

Kolkata’s, online cake shops that deliver cakes at your given address. These shops are very homely, all the cakes, chocolates were made with good quality food material and are fresh. Starting with the finest flour, and excitement with full sentiments then dusting it with sugar, butter. Blending the buttercream, flavor, and color with some thoughts of how much new memories people are going to make with this cake in it. Then finally getting into the oven to get all the dearest warmth from us, taking it out from the oven feels like taking it out from a mother’s wombs. So now one can think how careful and protective they are about their cakes, right?. They are not just cake makers they are your best party maker.
Let’s quickly jump into the online sites for the best cake shops in Kolkata.


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This is my darling one, why you must ask?. Because every time I ordered from here I have never been disappointed as they have always surprised me with their stunning cake art. The best part of this cake shop is they give you so many choices of design within the range you ask them. The softness of their cakes cream is very light you won’t ever get a feeling of constipation later because I’m among those people who get a constipation problem for 3-4 days after eating cake but from this magical shop I never had that problem. So my suggestion is to just order your cake without any 2nd thoughts. It’s a total worthy site.

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Cake N Smile Creation

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Best Online cake shops of Kolkata 11
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Kolkata based cake shop that had served more than 1000 cakes every one different from other whether you say in taste or aroma, you will find them very interesting as they just don’t give you the taste but also a shape to that taste. They make pure vegetarian cakes. This shop especially has a thing for flowers they like to make flower designs and add natural flowers in their cake which is the center of attraction of the cake. Along with delivering the cake they also deliver flowers just at your doorstep. These small shops have a long road to go.

Cakes and more Kolkata

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Their work is finer than any other cake shop in Kolkata. At first, they started it all with small cupcakes and birthday cakes, but their idea soon reached and flourished high in customers and this enhanced not only their talent but also their work. Every next cake that they make is better than the previous one this is how they grew and now they had 2000+ customers. Soon they expanded their business by adding starters, mains, soups, and desserts in it. One can also order to customize festival hampers or rakhi gift hampers. They make replicas of crackers with chocolates, sounds so challenging and fun right? So to try it on your own, order your next cake from here

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Cake it away

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Best Online cake shops of Kolkata 15

“Baking is love, and we believe in spreading the love”- cakeitaway, that’s what their Instagram page slams you with and that catches your eyes with the mind. Macaroons, flowers, cards, pictures, sparkle, color, tart, the fruit is the weakness of their customers and they play well with them all. In summers you will find them making loads of mongo cake, rich and healthy for your body. They lynch more on how to make your meal complete with a perfect dessert. When it comes to accessorizing cake they have a soft corner for shards and the popping color those shards will drive you like a magnet. You don’t believe me, then don’t, but I guess pictures will speak for their work.

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These are some sites which I like and adore the most if you know some more then do suggest to me so that I can also explore the best of our Kolkata, because “mishit is in our vein”

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