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High-school and college life: what is different?

 It natural that you can enter a college only after graduating the high-school. Consequently, these institutions are connected to each other as one of them is a continuation of the other. However, young people, who enter a college or university, face a variety of problems as getting used to careless school life they have to get accustomed to many new circumstances they experience at college. Let’s see what changes in lives of students who leave high school and enter college and how they can cope with these changes.

  1. You know every classmate in high school whereas you can not learn everyone who studies with you in college. You are not restricted to one group as you can select different courses and see different people during every class.
  2. You live next to your parents in high school and far from them in college. It happens very rarely that students can enter a local college and stay home. Usually, they have to reside with other students in the hostel or rental.
  3. High-school classes begin in the morning and last for the whole day while college may provide you with additional sleep as you can build your schedule yourself. You should not go to college for the whole day or sit there for hours to be an A-grade student. It is enough to complete all the assignments and cope with paper writing.
  4. You should learn every subject in school and select ones you prefer in college. It makes college education more directed and interesting as even a topic of a custom essay can be chosen yourself.
  5. In high school your time frames are determined by others whereas in college you manage your time yourself. You are not told when to come and leave, so at the beginning, students fail to manage their time right and waste it on useless activities.
  6. In high school teachers use books written by others whereas in college educators rely on the materials developed by themselves. These can be books written by professors or materials they used writing thesis. Usually, these are only credible sources from reputable scholars.
  7. In high school, you were told what to write down whereas in college you should have excellent note-taking skills. You will be hardly told where to start writing or put a dot. Students write down a gist of the lecture themselves to be able to restore it for the next class. That is why it is important to learn note-taking and writing tips in advance.
  8. High-school homework was little and required a short time period to complete it. College assignments may take months to be completed and are long-term. Students may spend several months writing paper or use some services like customwritingbee.com/ and defend it within an hour only.
  9. In high school, you are forced to attend classes and in college, you need to visit them. Nobody will control your attendance by calls or reminders as if you fail to be a regular attendant you might be expelled.
  10. In high school you are closed within the dominating social group. In college you choose the circle of communication yourself. The number of people to socialize with grows in the mathematical progression so you have a wider choice to choose interlocutors.
  11. High-school teachers prepare lessons for average students whereas in college it is not enough to complete a bare minimum to be academically successful. In college academic success opens many interesting opportunities for students including scholarships, grants, student exchange programs etc.
  12. High-school is available for everyone whereas college can be afforded by much fewer learners. You are really lucky and hard-working if you deserve a scholarship and study free of charge in college as in most cases people pay money for the tuition from their pocket or even have to take debts to get a degree.


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