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Recipe for One of the Best Indian Evening Snacks – Aaloo Tikki

Hi everyone! Welcome to the recipe blog series – 2! 😊 In today’s blog, I am going to share a detailed recipe that results in the crispiest and the most scrumptious aaloo tikkis.

In the past three months, either we, or our family members have at least once engaged in trying out our favourite food recipes. Well, for me, that has been an everyday affair!

So, through this recipe blog series, I plan to share some of my best recipes with you. I promise that if you follow these exactly, you will definitely get lipsmacking results and a contented stomach.

A contented stomach? Hmm.. This brings me to today’s question – How many of you love burgers or aaloo tikki chaat? I am sure that a lot of you do. But the main part of preparing an aaloo tikki burger is cooking the patty/aaloo tikki which might seem like a cumbersome effort to make. But don’t fret as my recipe of aaloo tikkis is super easy to follow. Let’s dive in! :”)

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Ingredients of aaloo tikkis (serves 8 medium sized tikkis)

  1. 3 boiled potatoes
  2. A few boiled peas (even though peas are not compulsory, I would highly recommend that you incorporate them)
  4. Finely chopped carrots (not compulsory – totally depends on your choice)
  5. Boiled sweet corn (not compulsory – totally depends on your choice)
  6. Finely chopped green chillies (in case, you like green chillies)
  7. Red chilly powder
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Black pepper powder
  10. Chilly flakes
  11. Coriander powder
  12. Oil (of your choice)
  13. All-purpose-flour (very less quantity of it is required – just to use it as a cooking adhesive)
  14. Cornflakes or break crumbs

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Recipe of aaloo tikkis

  1. Take the boiled potatoes and peas in a bowl and mash them well using a masher.
  2. Add the other vegetables and mash again.
  3. Now, add all the spices (as per your taste) and mix well. Please taste this mixture and improvise as per the need.
  4. Take the aaloo tikki mixture and make small tikkis out of it.
  5. Take some cornflakes and crush them well. You should have enough of this to cover all your tikkis. You can also use finely crushed breadcrumbs.
  6. Now, take 1 -2 spoon flour and add water to it to make a semi-thick paste.
  7. Cover your aaloo tikkis with this paste and then, put them in the cornflakes powder. Cover both the sides well.
  8. Heat some oil in a pan.
  9. Once the oil is hot, put the tikkis and pan fry them till they turn golden brown from both the sides.

Crispy aaloo tikkis are ready! 😊 You can have them with chutney, prepare a chaat or use them as patties for burgers.

In case you try this recipe, do let me know how it turns out! 🙂

Happy cooking 😊

Simran Bhola
Simran Bhola
Writing gives my mind a breeze of peace! :')


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