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How We Design Our Days Shapes Up Our Life!

To look broadly our days are actually mini versions of our entire life. As we pass each day spending hours we actually become the creator of an entire year. Our life gets shaped by us just depending on how we design our daily lives. Powerful thought!


What we do on this very day is actually helping us make a lifetime. The words we speak to others, the thoughts we make inside us, the food, the things we use, the service we give and the love and warmth we spend on a daily basis helps shaping up our own destiny. Hence, there is really nothing called a bad day. Every day we spend is equally important and equally contributing to make our future.

Our social norms, financial achievements and power games have created discrimination in the society. We have bifurcated our own selves into different classes of people depending on the work we do and depending on the financial status we portray. We forget the fact there is no such thing called rich or poor. Just the same way there is no such thing like a good day or a bad day.


We all are born to be great in our own lives. Each one of us is equally powerful to choose something for us. To make a choice this very day can lead to a giant outcome in the future. However, since the world around us stops from this kind of a thought process it is important we nurture and raise such thoughts inside us. It is like working out on a daily basis to maintain fitness and shape. It does not happen in one day. Every day working out for 30 minutes and a good healthy diet can lead to a good physique within few months. Same is the scenario when we design our days.

Add a little color and a little brushstroke to each of your day. It soon fills up with vibrance and gives us an amazingly beautiful painting in the end. We fail in our lives because we feel rather the world makes us feel that we are no longer in control of our lives. It is not so.

We see great people, achievers and success all around us and think why we are not they. The fact is every one of us is gifted to reach the heights of success. The only difference between a really successful person and one who is not is that the former takes initiatives to take steps each day to shape up the future. The formula is really simple. Turn day’s efficiently into weeks, weeks to months, months to years and years to an entire lifetime.


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