10 Tallest Statues around the World


Statues usually represent countries believes or something symbolic and important for it. Here is a list of such statutes which are tall and important for these nations.

1.Spring Temple, China

Year:2008, Place: Henan, Height:420 ft

The statue is on Vairocana Buddha. The statue is of Vairocana Buddha. He is said to be the Dharma Body of Gautama Buddha

2.Laykyun Setkyar, Myanmar

Year: 2008, Place: Khatakan Taung, Monywa, Height: 380 ft

Laykyun Setkyar is the reincarnation of Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha is the founder of Buddhism.

3.Ushiku Daibutsu, Japan

Year:1993, Place: Ushiku, Height: 330ft

The sculpture is of Amitābha Buddha. He is the principal buddha in East Asian Buddhism.

4.The Motherland Calls, Russia

Year:1967, Place: Volgograd, Height: 279ft

The statue celebrates the victory of Russia in the battle of Stalingrad against Nazi Germany.

5. Birth Of The New World, Puerto Rico

Year: 2016, Place: Arecibo, Height:171 ft

It celebrates the first voyage of Christopher Columbus.

6.African Renaissance Monument, West Africa.

Year:2010, Place: Dakar, Senegal, Height:160ft

It was constructed to honor the independence of Africa from France.

7.Virgin of Peace, Venezuela

Year:1983, Place: Trujillo, Height: 153ft

It is said that VIRGIN MARY mother of Jesus appeared in this place in the year 1570.

8.Statue Of Liberty, USA

Year:1886, Place: New York, Height:151ft

It is a symbol of freedom for Americans and was gifted by the French. It marks its independence and the sculpture is of Liberty the Roman Goddess.

9.Our Lady, Bolivia

Year:2013, Place: Oruro, Height: 148ft

Our Lady and Virgin Mary were worshiped here while a carnival is conducted every year on February 2nd to celebrate the win of good over evil.

10.Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami, India

Year: 2003. Place: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Height: 135 ft

Lord Hanuman is a Hindu God, the devotee of Lord Rama. He is the reincarnation of Lord Shiva.  He is known for his strength, valor and being a true devotee.