Best shopping places in Delhi

Want to shop a lot while spending less? Well, Delhi offers you that opportunity. Delhi has a lot of places where you can shop the best quality clothes/items at minimal prices. Here is a list of places in Delhi which will offer you plethora of options to shop from at the  minimum cost.

1. Sarojini Nagar Market 

All you have got to do here is – bargain. Bargain to the fullest and take the goods/clothes at the prices which you set. It is a place where you can get Zara, H&M and Mango apparels at 1/4th the cost. Not just clothes, you can get all the accessories too !

Nearest metro station – INA

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2. Janpath Market

Janpath has everything. From cotton wear, bags to exquisite jewelry, you can get anything and everything here. You may have to argue with the shopkeeper a little over the price though but overall, it’s a great market to shop clothes from.

Nearest metro station – Janpath (violet line)


3. Karol Bagh and Ghaffar Market 

From bags, shoes, watches to clothes, Karol Bagh and Ghaffar Market offer it all. You can get all kind of stuff together at one place. It is  diverse and exhaustive shopping destination.

Nearest metro station – Karol Bagh 


4. Chandni Chowk Market

If you want to shop traditional dresses like suits, sarees etc. then Chandni Chowk is the destination you are looking for. Chandni Chowk Market is diverse and has a lot of small as well big shops where you can shop from.

Nearest metro station – Chandni Chowk


5. Greater Kailash 1, M Block Market

Greater Kailash M Block Market has good variety of clothes and footwear. The prices are not so low as Sarojini Nagar and there is not much scope of bargaining. But you can get all the trendy clothes here. This market is best described for ‘style on budget’.

Nearest metro station – Kailash Colony

Happy shopping ! 🙂

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