5 Most Common Types of Phobias

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Every person at some point of time face fear and anxiety, called phobia. Different people suffer from vivid types of phobias, it can be to a significant object or situation. The people going through this can go to extreme levels for avoiding certain burrows, and if unavoidable they may go through unkempt distress. Here are some common phobias that every one may face…


This phobia is like speech anxiety, the people suffering from this fear often avoid stage and spotlight. They are afraid of interacting in public and catching social attention. The most common symptom of glossophobia is stage fear, and getting anxious and nausea whenever put in the situation.


In this mental state, one may feel ignored and unwanted by the people surrounding them. This is what is known as the fear of being alone but does not implicate to be isolated at some place. It is the feeling that they are not loved and are always being left out. The physical symptoms can be seen in people who are at extreme levels that include dizziness, shaking and sweating. The emotional symptoms can be the feeling of being secluded.


This is an abnormal fear of snakes and is most commonly reported among one third of adults. This phobia of snake is not a basic human reaction when confronted with a snake. It is the fear that people face when they even hear about snakes or simply dread even just by catching a glimpse of it on television.


When you go uneasy because of being in a high neck dress, anxious when in a small room and feel anxious, this is called claustrophobia. Some people may feel it in a washroom or in airplanes as well. The first reaction of feeling claustrophobic is getting panic attacks and feeling suffocated and not being able to respire properly.


The persistent fear of water or even getting near it may cause the person to sweat and fright profusely. The idea of being near seas or oceans or even going for a swim is like suicidal to them. Unexpected water splashes and thrown in water bodies may even be fatal due to high anxiety. This phobia also disturbs the day to day life of phobia sufferer.

These phobias are not a mental disorder, this can be commonly found in people around you. Some fear darkness, some fear ghosts, in the same way people have unique phobias that may seem unnatural to others. But there are still some treatments available for certain kinds and some have no cure. Are you suffering from any phobia? Just face it and don’t feel ashamed of admitting it or let people make fun of it…there is no running away.

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