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Section: 377 A 21st century’s Pride and Prejudice

The hearts continued beating as one, only now they did it with PRIDE.

It was a mid-afternoon of September 6th when in Navtej Singh Johar v. Union of India with a 5-0 verdict the Supreme Court decriminalised gay sex, contrary to the decision done by two-member bench in Suresh Kumar Koushal in 2013.

The Court felt that it violated the rights of LGBTQ persons to dignity, equality, privacy and expression.  As the verdict was declared, a stream of happiness, and most importantly, freedom was felt among the thousands of supporters gathered outside the court, who’ve been waiting for this day, since a lifetime. This day was not only historic for the gay community, with the legalising of gay sex, it also marked coming out of a lot of people to their parents, in front of the national television. The passion and hunger for the judgement was such that many of the supporters bunked their college classes or offices, just to hear the verdict and were gathered outside the court. It was a much awaited day in the lives of the LGBTQ individuals, and finally, they too now have a right to live, as I would say!

But, is the equation in reality, as simple as it seems? Though the Supreme Court would’ve scrapped off Section 377, but was it able to do so with the mindset of the orthodox heterosexual individuals? This is the foremost area of concern now. And, if I see it, it’s clearly discriminatory against the gay community-they already waited a decade for this obvious judicial error to be rectified, and now, when they can finally breathe in the society and be proud of their identity, they have to be dealt with the pity mindset of the society, which proclaims and very boastly calls itself a part of 21st century, but is not yet ready to accept things that go against the nature’s rule.

Where is the compassion people, I ask?

The government can only bring a revolution to digitalize our technology, not our thinking. That is in our hands, and we are to act as liable citizens of the country and let the homosexuals individuals live in the society as its own part. I find referring them separately in the above text, a whole prejudice, why does it matter? What do I or someone else chose to be and call ourselves be an area of concern? Ultimately, we are all Humans, craving for perfection, when we should really be just the best version of ourselves.

To broaden the debate- How is someone’s sexual orientation, be prey to my opinion and judgement? I mean, there are people who would carry on their miserable marriage, just to avoid the boo hoo of divorce, but would not see two men or women be madly committed to each other. At least, they are happy, and shouldn’t this be the utmost area of concern, rather than the gender of the person they are in love with? I know and it’s very saddening  to know that even though we allege to be open-minded and maybe we have accepted  ripped jeans or be it the No Shave November movement, but still today, when it comes to topic of grave concern, we silence that open mind of ours and start thinking like our primate ancestor! A hell of an example of going back to the roots, I say!

We may be preaching ‘Netflix and chill, while following the fandom of FRIENDS or nowadays, 13 reasons why, but, when we are dealt with the social issues presented in the series, on a real-life basis, we refuse to show empathy. How is that you may be watching a hell number of English Frictional series of all sorts, but when it comes to your thinking it is still blocked by negative compassion for homosexuals individuals. If this is the result, then I gravely say that television entertainment has failed to create an impact on the young audience that is addicted to it. But, if we clearly, see the subtext, it all comes down to one’s own thoughts and sense of judgment. We refuse to change our mindset.

So what, someone choose to love a girl over men, who the hierarchy has placed at the top! Considering, the picture of today’s women’s safety, parents to the LGBTQ should be more than happy over their child’s choice of love interest. At least, there are chances that he/she will be alive and happy and the most important with someone, who would keep them safe, rather than just fake promising it, over the sacred fire, while taking those seven vows.

Heterosexual individuals don’t understand the pain, enigma that their counterpart homosexual’s mate goes through. I mean, to hide one’s feelings their whole lifetime, is difficult time to go through for anyone, while they are discovering themselves as it goes. It’s equivalent to the ancient rhetorical thinking of not wanting a girl child, only now it finds itself replaced with LGBTQ. It’s like as if our society wants something to always linger their hate upon. This just gives me a picture of a melodramatic reality TV episode where the mother-in-law would never be happy with her son’s bride, no matter what! Although, even this is also a issue of distress but for some other time.

Let’s now hope that our homosexuals mate can easily and freely live their life and be proud of their identity, sexual orientation and the discrimination against them can also be scrapped off from the minds of the conformist society, just like we did with the section 377!

Aaliya Thahseen
Aaliya Thahseen
Indomitable poetess, fervent writer and an unremitting rambler.


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