Friendship Unplugged

    Friendship Unplugged

    If I say Friends or think about it, some crazy faces comes to my mind, same as you see the faces of your friends right now. This is the magic of friendship. I am a talkative and a fun loving person so I make friends very quickly but still I can count 4 to 5 persons whom I actually called friends. There were such short stories about true friends or true friendship in my nursery and primary school books and I and my classmates are very fond of that stories. It contains faith, honesty, love and such kind of terms. But in the age 6 or 7 I really didn’t know anything about honesty in friendship but I used to say sorry if I ever broke a pencil or ate all the tiffin of any friend and hurt someone unintentionally. The more time passed and I realized the meaning of faith love care trust and honesty, in a word I started realizing friendship. I feel lucky to have such crazy friends who are staying beside me for a long

     But now a days every little things are changing very soon and the same goes for friendship. We are counting friends in Facebook’s friends list. Which is nothing but a contact list termed as Friends List. Virtual friends become reality for the youth and maximum people who are on social sites. Chatting in facebook, whatsapp and many more social networking sites. It  make only chatting not conversations. It is a familiar scene that 5 friends are sitting together and dozens of eyes are in their smartphones and may be they are talking to each other or may be some other persons or may be checking their facebook timeline or uploading photos.  The life of friendship and loud sounds of cheering and joys are missing. I also miss my old friends’ days when we seat together and had a long conversations including various subjects even sometime we talked just nonsense but we did it face to face. The biggest drawback of social sites is that they don’t even learn how to interact a friend face to

    I miss my past days of friendship and fond of observing teens. But unfortunately every time I get mechanical vibes. They all talk about facebook pages, updates, likes comments whatsapp jokes and so on. I feel restless and pained that the most beautiful time of one’s life teens are wasting only about discussing facebook and clicking selfies. No, surely I am not against facebook or any social sites, I am also a regular user but all I am trying to say that friendship only happens heart to heart, facing success and failure together, making fun of each other, discussing and sharing personal issues and having faith that a friend will have the solution of your problem definitely. You don’t need a queue of friends but have at least one true and caring friend who can share your life just like you do. kids-group-on-phones (1)

    Besides that negative part of social sites they have many characteristics to create friend and having fun. A shy introvert person who has no friends in real life can have many friends in facebook or whatsapp. Virtually one can be exactly who they want to be. Social Networking Sites are the easiest way to keep in touch with those countless people whom we didn’t able to keep in touch because of our busy lives. May be there are 1000+ facebook friends but real friends are only a few with whom we chat the most. Even now friendship is depending on likes and comments, friendship can be easily broken only by just clicking unfriend or block button. I personally differ in many views of my closest friends, starts fighting firstly in conversation then hand to hand and finally meet up with a warm big hug. The ‘emotional touch’ is never replaced by the internet chat. tumblr_ktvnvgagao1qzaab4o1_500_largeFace to face smile is more important than a virtual sticker. We are very busy to cope up with the speed of our lives and hangout together and have a glass of mango juice or some snacks in a bowl or just a bowl of noodles enjoying quality times in a friend’s house or even in roads—everything is minimized now a days. Whenever we used to talk face to face we shared many unsaid words through expressions and touch. But in virtually I can just be updated by their schedule but not their emotion. You may call a friend rather than a chat and look how he or she flies to you. I am waiting for the day when my friends can meet again, sing together, laugh together even cry together and turn a normal place in a vibrant energetic one with our joys, this vibe cannot be experienced by the timeline photos, Instagram upload or in a whatsapp group. There is no option to ‘left’ the group and ‘thinking’ before typing and ‘block’ a friend. You have to sort it out face to face and I am confident that you will make a bunch of your people called true friends in this process. My friends are my family and missing those moments whenever I got ill, feel pained, frustrated and hopeless some of my friends come to me and create an atmosphere where I feel relief again by their words or some extra-ordinary magic which can offer only by the true friends. Finally I realize that there is still hope and they scream in frustration to make me smile and say  ‘you are hopeless’ and laugh out loud. Friendship is putting someone first and likes, comments are not worth than friendship.

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    Sometime switch off your laptop and keep aside your smartphones and be alone with your thoughts, friends, may be you discover something new in your loved ones. Only they have the power to influence in your lives positively. Walk along even like a penniless popper; it will be more refreshing than spending a lump-sum bucks in a restaurant or in a shopping mall or pub. Don’t let your near ones feel alone maintaining superficial contacts, dedicate some times to   cultivate a deeper real-life relationships. Parents, grand-parents, teachers, unknown persons and even a smaller one can be your friend, cherish your life with them because ultimate happiness gives you the ultimate quality of life. Whenever feel low make some conversations with them or make at least a video call. Technologies are very important part of us but don’t be a slave to that. Use it, control it and make everyday a Friendship Day.

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