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13 Best Reading Website For Beginners

Not only educational and theoretical knowledge, but today’s students also require strong reading skills and extra abilities to make themselves through educational boundaries. Excellence in students depends on reading, writing as well as mental abilities. There are numerous websites providing activities, interactive games, a treasure trove for resources, web tools and other reading materials helping students enhance comprehensive skills and extract the best reading ability.

Not only for students, kids, and children, adults can access a pool of such websites that help build a proper rationale for English comprehension. There are websites for beginners to advanced level readers. Online access to reading can sometimes be termed as a digital library. 

Young learners today access books digitally for convenience, for example, the Amazon Kindle helps to access thousands and thousands of books that may be far-fetched for a few.

Every child is unique and therefore every beginner wanting to learn more has a unique capacity. The reading and learning ability for every human highlight a range of techniques that requires proficient teaching capabilities.

Here we have listed a few of the most common websites that have been used to improve reading abilities. To begin with, we have listed a few websites that children and those below the age of 15 may find easy and improve with time.

13 Best Reading Website For Beginners
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Learn With Homer

Want your kids to get excited about reading? Here you have a friend! This website includes systematic phonic lessons that help a child capture sounds, letters, and word recognition well. Not only helps in building critical abilities of reading and comprehension, but it also frames a clear understanding of uppercase, lowercase, capital, and small letters. 


This website can be introduced to children who are well versed with alphabetical letters and initial reading techniques. This website may be used for developing the reading fluency in children and include a sequence of activities and lessons that kids may adapt as they go on practicing. Beginners usually start with the letter sounds while advanced level readers practice family words, sentence framing and fill in the blanks. 

Starfall ABC

This website has been known for the solid early learning lessons with an approach to inculcate alphabet education to pre-schoolers. The sound of each letter can be repeated as often as needed and can be heard and seen at the same time. Children with difficulty in learning may find it interesting because of the interactive lessons. 

LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: Letter Factory

Here kids are made to learn shapes of letters, word building and the formation of words through a set of games. These games are in a sequence of 2 to 3. Kids have to match the letters in a line, or across the shape to complete one litter formation. The games have initial, advanced, and difficult levels.

 In the below list we have listed some websites that adults and even children above the age of 15 may utilize to develop their reading abilities and comprehensive skills.

13 Best Reading Website For Beginners
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Reading Bear

This website is known for its fun way to help read and learn. It has over 1200 vocabulary items that can be learned and used in sentence formation. Most often parents use this website as a tool to enhance English grammatical and literary skills. This website also has rules that cover 50 presentations. It is a free website and a non-profit based digital learning center. 


This website improves a crucial part of English comprehension. It inculcates authentic English videos that have been skilled with transformation into personalized lessons of the English language. This website includes exercises, flashcards and interactive captions that play a critical role in teaching a new word. 

While watching a video when you hoover to look for an unknown word, the video in the background automatically gets paused to show you the definition of the word that you’re looking for, alongside a picture. This helps you to learn the meaning of the word better and also keep it in the area of your knowledge for a longer time. 

British Council LearnEnglishTeens

This website like the others also includes reading materials that are interactive however, in the form of quizzes in order to test your understanding. The applicability of reading to real-life situations requires skill and therefore, this site can be helpful in giving you the everyday reading practice.

There are quizzes in the form of posters and thank you notes so that your practice is handy and you have a real-life situation, like learning in the classroom. 

13 Best Reading Website For Beginners
13 Best Reading Website For Beginners

Rong Chang ESL Easy Reading

This website uses brief stories on a variety of topics in the form of grammatical learning to complete the range of comprehensive activities that a student requires. Once the brief story is over there are fill in the blanks, sentence framing options at the bottom for better understanding and aptitude testing. The stories can be heard out loud. This combination of reading and listening may help understand the story and practice pronunciation better.

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To make an aligned resource collection one can browse this website to access the library of more than 2 lakh websites. It can be used to track students who surf the internet with enhanced reading level and also readers can make a defined choice with the subject area filters

Into The Book

Students and teachers at the elementary level can surf this site for reading and comprehension resources. This website focuses on reading strategies that utilize visual effects, evaluating skills, summarizing skills, synthesizing prior knowledge, connection making, questioning and inference from literary and grammatical passages. 


This is one of the most renowned, free website, known for its high-quality instructional materials to support literacy building for students. Children from classes 3 to 12 can have high-quality material from this website to build their domain in English.

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Storyline Online

This website is known for streaming videos that have actors reading the books of children and alongside presents illustrations that make them understand what is taught to them. Some of the celebrated actors performing the reading on this website include Kevin Costner, Viola Davis, James Jones, Lily Tomlin, and hundreds of others.

13 Best Reading Website For Beginners
13 Best Reading Website For Beginners


For readers who prefer staying updated with current affairs, news, events, and political updates this could be a good catch. It does not publish articles like a typical news outlet, instead, it welcomes opinions on forums. You may find the American culture mostly reflected in the blogs, although there is generic content as well. 

It has an advanced as well as intermediate level articles. Readers from all genres may find something interesting to go with.  

The more you include English reading practice resources, the more it is possible for you to extract knowledge in all domains. This one subject is an all-round participant for every aspect of expression. When you come across difficult words, do not skip the meaning, try to figure out what it is meant to be used for in the sentence. 

Today the digital dictionary in Google is easily accessible and no child is small enough to access it. If you have difficulties in figuring a word and it seems important to the story make sure you look up for it. 

Also looking for every word in the dictionary is not a good habit and sometimes you should extract the meaning from the sentence, it is used in.

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