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Kolkata before and after lockdown

This city of joy is today suffering, in every possible way. No one ever saw Kolkata in such a pandemic condition. People are scared all over the world because of this virus COVID-19. The whole country lockdown was announced by our prime minister on 24th March 2020.
The situation was a lot different a week ago before the lockdown was announced, everyone around us including me was following our daily work schedule for bread. The whole country was running smoothly and dedicatedly to make India free from all the evilness, but it seems like India will always have to stay inside the box and to be called as “Developing country”.

Kolkata before and after lockdown

Empty work place

Office buildings, cafes, restaurants are out of people’s reach. Therefore, only 5% of the total working class is still working, to meet the basic needs of people for living and surviving. As people started stocking groceries after hearing a lockdown for 21 days, stores are now empty with no item left and this is making the lower class suffer the most.

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Hiked rates of flights

The rate of domestic flight tickets will increase by 50%, as the airline department is forced to cut passenger capacity to follow the social distancing rule. The last 3 rows to be kept empty for an emergency if in any passenger is suspected or detected with COVID-19. Except for Air Asia no other airline offering refund. Instead of refunding fare money, they are giving options of rescheduling or credit note by which you can buy tickets later.

New quarantine centers

As the orders were from the center, all the states had to put their states on a lockdown. West Bengal’s chief minister Mamta Banerjee also showed her concern towards such a powerful virus. In just within a week a sports stadium Dumurjala is turned into a quarantine center with all the facilities required for patients.

This lockdown has done more bad than good, people and stray animals are dying without food and proper treatment. Companies are running in loss, NGOs are not getting enough funds to fill bellies and maintain hygiene. Though the rich communities are trying to provide some relief by distributing commodities but that’s not enough. The truth is harsh but the thing is, rich people brought it with them but now the whole of India is suffering among which the laborers and poor’s are sufferings the most. Even in this state of chaos, the internet is flooding with fake news that’s provoking people and worsening the situation more.

COVID-19 cases

Till today the Kolkata has 120 positive cases and 96 actives among it. If you will look at the rate of recoveries then it is far less than the death rates. If you will ask me, that what are the before and after lockdown change then I have to say, that the smell of mismanagement and corpse have increased. ‘Just lockdown isn’t enough to cope up with the situation’ said by WHO, India needs more testing kits and medicines that can treat corona patients.

Kolkata before and after lockdown

Motivate patients and volunteers

In this harsh moment, the good part is everyone is trying to help and show support, Modi Ji asked everyone to clap at 5 pm for 5 minutes to show some respect and gratitude to all the working departments like doctors, nurses, police, and every one those are helping and leaving their families at home just so that they can save the whole country not only their own family. The pollution level has also gone down and the atmosphere is healing itself.
By keeping the demand of mask, sanitizer and hand wash the University of Calcutta produced a bulk of them to help every community of their state. IIT- Kharagpur also donated 1 crore to the PM care fund. Bengal has a total of 7 testing lab and they are NICED, SSKM, Medinipore MCH, North Bengal MCH, School of Tropical Medicine, Apollo Hospital, Tata Medical center.

Essential steps

The municipal corporation of every area is taking this period sincerely and asking people to not go out if not urgent or necessary and also distributing food items in slum areas. In the vegetable market, people are maintaining a 3m distance with each other. Not only this many migrants as got stuck due to the lockdown of all transport mediums, but the corporations are also helping them out in all means.
Now in Bengal, the lockdown is extended till 30th April and for all the educational institutions it is been extended till the 10th of June. As children are the future of our society so they need more protection. The government also doesn’t want to dig more graveyards, so it is better this way.
Let us just do our family and society a favor and not go out of our homes, because our one step outside can bring one more case of COVID-19 in hospital. So be careful “stay home, stay safe”.

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Muskan Kumari
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