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Amazing facts about Virgo

Virgos are often considered to be mysterious. It is the only zodiac sign that is represented by a female. It denotes the symbol of Virgin. Perceived by people as cold due to their shy nature. People having their birthday between August 22 and September 23 come under Virgo. Ruled by the planet Mercury, it is the sixth zodiac sign. Misinterpreted because of their attention for details.

Traits of Virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign who is a perfectionist. You may misunderstand a Virgo initially but you will see the merits later. Virgos have a profound sense of humanity. They have a methodical approach to each and everything in life. Virgoans are modest, practical, reliable, meticulous and diligent. They do not express themselves much and love cleanliness. Virgos are loyal which makes them good friends.

Virgoans are a lover of animals and nature. They approach problems in an analytical manner and are hardworking. Virgos are gentle, helpful and kind. You can easily trust a Virgo person. A clean home with meticulously arranged things is a sign of Virgo. Even simple pleasures of life make a Virgo happy. They like finding solutions of problems and fixing things. You can never be deceived by a Virgo. You can easily trust a Virgo and tell your secrets.

Like all zodiac signs, even Virgo has some demerits. Virgos are conservative and very conscious. They are critical of themselves as well as others. Virgoans worry too much and never relax while working. Being reserved, they are somewhat harsh with respect to flaws. Virgos are difficult to please in matters of love and relationships. That’s why you may find some of them remaining single throughout their life. They are choosy in selecting their life partner. They have a managerial style of evaluating people which sometimes makes them lonely.

Professions suited for Virgo

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Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury and it is the planet of communication. So, Virgos are excellent writers who can articulate their feelings very well. They can make good teachers, doctors, musicians, librarians and editors. They can also be inspectors, technologists, nurses, critics, and psychologists. Their motto in life is to do good for mankind. Being highly committed to their profession, they are workaholics. They do not give up easily and succeed in work due to their determination. Their hard-work makes them stand out from others. You will find Virgo professionals to rise and shine in their careers.

Virgo Man

The Virgo man is intelligent, capable and efficient. He is dutiful and pays too much attention to details. The man always analyses information that comes his way and overcomes challenges. He is fair and humble. Virgo men are charming and have good manners. He is achievement oriented and trustworthy.

You can recognize a Virgo man the moment you look his living space. Virgo men love cleanliness and hygiene. They keep their things in an organised manner. One may get offended due to him being a clean freak. Virgo man can be difficult to be with in a loving relationship due to his insecure emotions. He waits for the perfect love of his life. Virgo man is caring and dedicated. He treasures the happiness of loved ones and can sacrifice anything for that. He believes in lasting relationships and is intelligent enough to secure them.

Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is self-sufficient, ambitious and realistic. She is a nice combination of beauty and brains. You may find a Virgo woman arrogant initially, but you will like her gradually. She is highly intuitive and detail oriented. Virgo woman loves what she does and is a great listener. She is neat, quiet and very responsible.

You can recognize a Virgo woman by her pure heart and modest nature. She is very punctual and expects that from others. You should never lie to her because she can easily detect lies. She is very good in saving money and is easy. Virgo woman is picky in finding her lover. She is devoted to her relationships and considers them to last forever. A Virgo woman is extremely reliable and honest. Highly motivated and independent. You will consider yourself to be fortunate if you marry a Virgo woman.

Famous Virgo personalities

You will believe about the specific traits of Virgo that I mentioned after knowing about some famous celebrities.

Narendra Modi

Amazing facts about Virgo
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Our honorable Prime Minister of India has the zodiac sign, Virgo. Narendra Modi is the 14th Prime Minister of India and he was born on 17 September 1950.  You can believe that Virgos are capable after knowing about his achievements. He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat before becoming the Prime Minister. I feel that he is an inspiration for Indian citizens, especially youth. He has shown great determination and solved some problems faced by us. He will surely find some way to save us from Coronavirus.

Warren Buffett

The fourth wealthiest person in the world Warren Edward Buffet has the zodiac sign Virgo. He was born on 30 August 1930. Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is an American business tycoon. He is not only a successful businessman but also a great philanthropist. You can believe that Virgos have a deep sense of humanity after knowing his good deeds. He has donated money for philanthropic causes mainly through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Mother Teresa

Amazing facts about Virgo
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The great woman Mother Teresa had the zodiac sign Virgo. She is the greatest philanthropist who had humanity at the core of her heart. After knowing about her service to mankind, you can believe that humanity is inherent in Virgos. She is very much honoured in Kolkata and even worshipped by some people.

Michael Jackson

Amazing facts about Virgo
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The famous American cultural figure Michael Jackson had the zodiac sign, Virgo. Michael Joseph Jackson was a singer, dancer and lyricist. One can think that Virgos are highly committed to their profession after seeing the contribution of Michael Jackson. He was very popular in music, dance and fashion for 4 decades.

Akshay Kumar

The famous Bollywood actor has the zodiac sign Virgo. Born on 9 September 1967, he was named as Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. You can now believe the qualities of Virgo man that I have mentioned above. Akshay Kumar is highly capable and successful. He has won numerous awards and is a prominent Bollywood actor.

Kareena Kapoor

The famous Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has the zodiac sign Virgo. She was born on 21 September 1980. Being career minded, she has contributed to some other areas apart from Bollywood. You can now believe that Virgos are hard-working. Kareena Kapoor is one of the highest paid celebrities in Bollywood and has received awards.

Other aspects of Virgo

Earth is the element of Virgo and its quality is mutable. The lucky colours of Virgo are yellow, grey and beige. Lucky day is Wednesday. Lucky numbers are 5, 14, 15, 23 and 32.

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