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Are smartphones more important than human relations?

Hello everyone, We always keep our eyes on the most popular things around us, which seems bright, appealing, fascinating, charming but deep down they are the most darkest things because they just bright from outside and hollow from inside. In the limelight of those fascinating things we makes our selves so engrossed that we hardly realize that it could take away something most precious from ourselves.


Today, from your busy schedule I just want 10 minutes to read this article because at the last of this article, we all as humans would surely give a second thought to our relationships. We, in today’s time spent our most of the times with our smartphones rather than sitting and spending time with our grandparents and parents and discussing about what is going on in their life. We all are forgetting that these smartphones are mere machine, nothing else but we have made this unpopular thing, so popular one. We are ignoring our rooted relationships just to be engrossed with this materialistic thing. We ourselves has made these smartphones are self and made our human relations as others. As we keep ourselves busy most of the times with smartphones and knowingly create a void in our relationships.

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In earlier times, when there were no mobile phones, only rare ones could afford it at that point of time. It was used to be the one phone for the entire house. People used to have sufficient time to spent with their near ones and used to share each other’s feelings and exchange happiness and sadness.

We all are somewhere ignoring that love and affection from our near ones and creating lack of communication by making this mere gadget so important. The most popular thing in this world is the love and care of our parents and these smartphones has created darkness in everybody’s heart. This mere gadget has overpowered the brightness of everybody’s heart and creates darkness and hollowness.


Sometimes, when my mom calls me from kitchen to help her in cooking food but I used be so engrossed in working on my smartphone that I really ignored her call and after getting satisfied by checking out each and everything on phone, I realized that mom has called me for her help. Our ears and eyes may be actively participating in present but our mind only participates in checking out our phones. Those social media friends become so much important that we forget about our family and most specially our parents. Every teenage in today’s time going through this in their life without realizing that what they are losing ?

So, I hope that we all start looking at our relationships and start giving time to our parents and siblings more than we used to give to our smartphones. At the end, these special people in your life would support you only not your smartphones.
Stop making smartphones the most important thing rather start making human relations the most important thing.

Prerna juneja
Prerna juneja
I am a literature student. I love to explore things around me. I want to create a change in society through my writing. I believe in hard work is a key to success.


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