10 Phases Of Life That Only A Girl From Odisha Can Relate To…

“Girls”= “patience ki dookan”, “problems ke solution ka one stop” “mother of healing” etc. the present day definition for a girl is ‘the things which bear the capacity to withstand 1000 kg of problems without complaining or breaking.’ I am not kidding. Seriously people think about us like that. God knows what made people think that girls are like this. This is somewhat true also. But people’s conception about ‘odiagirls (girls from odisha)’ is epic. Honestly we go through a lot just because we are termed as ‘odia girls.’ Even though the experience is quite ‘khatta-meetha’ as it consists of everything. Want to share our experience?

1.Want A Husband? Temple Jindabad!!!1

As our epic mentality comes, there is only stop for finding a husband i.e. temple. Our parent, neighbors and almost every citizen of odisha believes that if you want a good husband, a good family in law only god can help you in this. We are even instructed to fast on Monday and visit ‘shivji’s temple’ in order to bribe him for good husband.

2.Dont Open Your Hairs At Night2

This is a epic one. I guess every odia girl have heard this terms at least once in their lifetime. We are expected not to open our hairs at night. There is a funny logic behind it. Our ancestors believed that when girls open their hair at night, they are subjected to risk from ghosts. Ever heard of “bhoot badha”? They believe that we will get “bhoot badha” if we open our hairs at night. Hilarious isn’t it?

  1. “Shadi Kab Ho Rae He Iski”3

Now this is something we always face it,that epic marriage wala dialogue. Every time a relative visits our home; this is a free question that comes with them. It doesn’t matter whether you are 20, 25, 27 or 18. It’s like after the age of 18, you should get married as soon as possible. Every time a relative visits my home, I always get prepared to listen to questions like, “padhae kab khatam hogi?” “She has come of age” “you should get her married soon” blah blah blah…

  1. “Kumar Purnima”4

Well this is a festival for odia girls. Actually this is one of the best things that happen to odia girls otherwise ‘life is in deep shit’ phase continues for them. Basically it is believed that a girl used to do this puja for her brother’s well being for 5 Sundays then after that the next full moon would be “kumar purnima” where she did rituals for getting a handsome groom. Just like “karwa chauth” for others, we celebrate this day for our ‘to be husband’. But the difference is “these rituals are done by unmarried girls only. But to be honest I don’t believe in all this. I just do it coz I get new dress and lots of selfies 😛

  1. “Do You Know Cooking?”5

Now come the cooking phase. I don’t know why people think that being girls, means she can cook delicious foods. It like we were given training how to cook from our mother’s womb. Odia girls are always instructed to learn cooking as soon as possible. Along with that there is a dialogue too that I bet goes in every household, “learn cooking as soon as possible otherwise your mother-in law would curse me after your marriage.”

  1. “Rajo 3 Days”= “Jannat”6

I guess u didn’t get the above words. Well we have another festival named “Rajo” based on girls. Basically this is a 3 days festival where girls are treated like “queens”. We get new dresses, special dishes, play swing and many more things. Even we are instructed not to touch our feet on ground too. It’s like days in heaven for us. Lucky we J

  1. “Brothers First”7

Well I hate this one. This kind of mentality sucks. But it’s common in odisha. We are always told to adjust with everything. There is a mantra of happy household in odisha, i.e. your brother comes first. It doesn’t matter what is that thing but your brother is always privileged to have it.

  1. Don’t Utter The Word “Boys”

This one sucks too. Basically people of odisha have a narrow mentality. So from our birth we are told to be aware of the things called “boy”. They are highly dangerous for health so maintaining distance is the only solution. You can’t eat with them, can’t sit with them, can’t dance with them, can’t roam and can’t even see them or else you might get more dangerous dieses than “AIDS”

  1. Trained To Be Best Housewives9 2

This is free course that all odia girls receive from childhood. They are trained to be the no.1 housewives of all time. Basically that’s how parents in odisha think like. They think the only destination for a girl is their family in-laws house.

  1. “Dad= God”10

Well this feeling is for all the girls of the world. But as much I have seen, for odia girls only one god exists i.e. their father. No one is better than him and no one even stands in the race with him. To our every problem, every breakdown there is one and only solution: our father. He is like a wizard who takes away all our pain in a single moment. We love them like anything and I won’t forget him ever..ever…

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