Important Tips To Maintain Your Beauty This Summer

Summer times can be harsh as the normal works say office and schools are still on the roll but all the heat, humidity can make you get exhausted. The best thing that can be done is to get yourself some good pampering at least once a week by treating yourself to a good spa treatment. This will help you in relaxing and taking time out of your busy life will act as a rejuvenation so you are prepared to take over the world the next day.

Important Tips To Maintain Your Beauty This Summer

Nail paints? Ladies, we know that you love to have beautiful hands and who wouldn’t but there is a catch here! Did you know you should remove nail paints before going to the bed? The chemicals in the color can be really harmful for your nails and can cause permanent damages as well. The damage gets increased in the summers more because the sun rays sometimes tend to react with the chemicals.

Important Tips To Maintain Your Beauty This Summer

Make sure you keep your body moisturized. An important tool that you have to use in summer is a sunscreen lotion. There are many in market but chose the one that you think fit according to your routine. They come with different level of SPF. The more you are exposed to the sun, the higher level of SPF you should go for. If your skin is prone to acne, it is advisable to go for medicated sun screen after consulting your dermatologist.

Important Tips To Maintain Your Beauty This Summer

So its summers and it’s time to wear those pretty summer dresses. Many a times we are torn between whether to shave or wax. Well to say it frankly, both are harmful as they cause a lot of harsh effects on skin. So which ever you do, it will be better if you could give your skin a good 10 hours of moisturizing before going out in the sun.
Important Tips To Maintain Your Beauty This Summer

So now you know what to do to save yourself from the heat and yet look damn hot raising temperature wherever you go. Remember all you need to do is follow basic routine about taking care of your skin and hair. As the global warming is increasing we are getting more exposed to harmful rays that keep damaging our skin beyond repair. Did you know that just 7 minutes of exposure to sun can create permanent damage?

Important Tips To Maintain Your Beauty This Summer

Apart from the above care steps, there is a lot you can do. Remember to cover your face with a stole whenever going out in the sun. You may want to do the same as the sun rays can damage your hair too making them rough, frizzy and unmanageable. So covering them with a stole can reduce the damage. However best would be to avoid going out in the wee hours when there is most heat. Also, remember to keep yourself hydrated. It will increase the metabolism of your body and help you flush out the toxins.

Important Tips To Maintain Your Beauty This Summer

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