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How NOT to persuade someone

Any work today needs human intervention at some level and hence it is very important to understand that how one can affect others decisions and what are the mistakes that are supposed to be avoided. Understanding how to not persuade someone hence becomes all the more important. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Trying to make your case upfront:

It is a known fact that slowly taking your points forward and gradually putting your case in front of others is what the most effective way to persuade is. By just making your case at the first go, distributing responsibilities to the colleagues will make them feel more burdened and the effective work will not be obtained.

Through a process of persistence, logic and exuberance the desired results from persuasion can be achieved.

  • Resisting compromise:

To compromise is not to loosen your grip of control or to let go of the benefits. If we want to persuade someone, it is important to realize that others viewpoints must also be considered. People like who like them and of course who think like them. So it is essential to make your audience feel that they are important and that you are flexible enough to accommodate what they want and thus want to reach a shared decision.

How NOT to persuade someone

  • Presenting Arguments:

Making an argument is important for any conversation and in the case of persuading someone, most important. But the argument made, the facts presented must be of significance and in connection with the context. Also though arguments matter, what matters more is how the facts are presented. Because in the end the aim is to convince/ persuade the other person. This is what all the efforts boil down to.

  • Persuasion is a continuous process and not short term activity

It is important to realize that persuasion is not a one shot process. Not a come and go thing but a long term and ongoing process till a consensus is reached upon, a shared solution. Making the pie bigger and involving everyone in the decision is what often people fail to realize or avoid as it is generally considered as a slow and difficult process

So the key points that can be derived from the above points can be jotted down as below:

  • Trying to make your case upfront i.e. trying to push your ideas.
  • Resisting compromise. Not being flexible, not considering others.
  • Presenting arguments.
  • Assuming persuasion to be one-shot effort and not an on-going one.

How NOT to persuade someone

So here you go! Persuading is important because then only can a team agree on a certain thing and an action plan can be put in place. Building personal relations also help and is a necessary ingredient in any conversation. Be attentive to what others as saying and make sure not have any perceived notions and make decisions based upon hard facts and proofs only.

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