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Young India Fellowship (YIF) 2023-24

In today’s fast-paced world, learning multiple skills is more of a requirement than an additional benefit for employers as well as entrepreneurs. The world is looking more towards the wholesome development of an individual rather than just academic growth. Learning different skills can not only serve the purpose of wholesome development but can also help you to discover your interests and abilities which were earlier not much explored. So given the importance and need of developing multiple skills brings us to our topic Young India Fellowship (YIF).

The Young India Fellowship (YIF) – the essence of an Ashoka education, offered as a postgraduate diploma in liberal studies – is unique from any other programme. In a year-long programme, people from various socio-economic, cultural, professional and academic backgrounds come together for study, research and practice enabled by leading scholars of our time. 


At Ashoka University, a variety of subjects are taught by learned academicians, scholars and practitioners. One of the unique practices of the university is to give freedom to all the faculties to craft, innovate and create curricula. This enables the student to experience different methods of learning and assessments which includes discussions, seminars, field visits, presentations, and group work. This helps them to learn and observe various perspectives and prepare themselves for challenges not only in their work but in life as well.

To know the list of courses and respective faculties click here.

Peer Diversity:

At YIF, they select all the potent fellows who desire to bring a change through a rigorous process. At YIF you’ll find people from dance to science, from agriculture to music, from journalism to theatre. This group of diverse individuals helps one to understand and learn subjects with a wide variety of perspectives which is very important for the growth of an individual. This unparalleled diversity is of great value and creates a rich learning environment for every individual.

Life at YIF:

University students doing group study
University students doing group study

The YIF programmes’ residential experience gives the fellows access to the whole University’s ecosystem. They learn from the diversity of fellows and faculties around the campus as well as other opportunities which are beyond that. The residential experience at Ashoka University includes:

-World-class infrastructure 

-Co-curricular and extra-curricular engagement

-Student development programmes

-Other facilities 


The course structure is built in such a way that no matter what was your educational background, you can still learn the skills which are high in demand in the 21st century. These skills include Leadership, Critical thinking, Problem-Solving etc. The key highlights of the structure are given below-

-8 terms, 6 weeks each

-10 core courses

-10 elective courses

-100 fellows

Critical writing programme – Considering writing as a central part of learning everything in the programme, Ashoka University has developed this programme as a building block for studying at the University. Developing effective learning, reading and writing skills helps the student to not only learn everything more effectively but also express themselves more reasonably and engagingly. These skills are not only useful in their time at the university but are also of great importance in their professional, social, and academic spheres after the course completion.

Experiential Learning Module – The Experimental Learning Module (ELM) is a core component of YIF where fellows are divided into groups of 5 and are made to work on real-world projects in collaboration with organisations and institutions in different sectors. The ELM helps to complement academic training by giving fellows techniques for problem-solving. They learn how to work on complex problems with an interdisciplinary approach and build domain knowledge.

Mentorship programme – This is one of the strong pillars of YIF, where students are connected to mentors with strong personal, academic and professional records. The fellows are mentored by not only professionals but also alumni in the same career path to create a brighter future for the fellows.

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Business, career and placement concept – young asian woman smili

The University is a pioneer in providing liberal arts and sciences education which is less than no other, even globally. Ashoka teaches students some of the most important skills of the 21st century including critical thinking, problem-solving, communication etc. which are necessary in every field of work. For this reason, Ashoka is a well-known destination for several leading brands in sectors of Research/Analytics, Social Sector, Internet, FMCG, Start-up, Fintech, Pharma, Media and Advertising etc. Some of the top companies that prefer Ashoka for placements are Microsoft, Google, Accenture, Zomato, Deloitte, Dr Reddy’s Laboratory etc.

Other Opportunities:

-Turn your Fellowship into MA

One can turn their Fellowship into a Master of Arts in Liberal studies which is a 32 credit and open to fellows and Alumni. During the course, the students have a unique opportunity to create their curriculum under supervision and choose work projects in two or more disciplines. Students are also required to work on research-intensive projects which are expected to culminate in a traditional master degree thesis or a creative project like a novel or film.

-Start an Organisation

After the course, one can also apply to a 5-month long Entrepreneur-in-Residence course where one can test their idea in the incubation centre with the guidance of industry experts and can also get a decent stipend. Some of the perks of this course are access to world-class content on venture development and business planning, access to co-working spaces, exclusive office hours with guest experts etc.

-Create a social Impact – Mother Teresa Fellowship

The MTF (Mother Teresa Fellowship) is an 18 months-long programme that is an early-career opportunity for graduates to shape their careers in social impact. Started in 2012 by Amit Chandra, the fellowship aims to build strength and resilience which helps the fellows to solve complex problems and navigate through adverse situations. 

-Study further

Many people after graduating from Ashoka University have gone to pursue a post-graduate degree in aspiring Universities and Colleges

Financial Aid:

The university provides need-based Scholarships to people which can bridge the gap between the course fees and their financial capabilities. 52% fellows of ’22 are on some need-based scholarships. Several, including the YIF alumni, have made these need-based scholarships possible.

YIF Admissions to the Class of 2023-24 will open after August 2022.

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