Top 10 skills employees should focus on to avoid layoffs?

Job losses

Over the past few months, the coronavirus pandemic turns out to be a huge setback for businesses. Earlier automation, digitization, private meetings, trouble in business cultures, a shift in the market, and media reports headed to extensive layoffs. While amid the coronavirus pandemic, no trace of the end exists. The job holders are striving to escape from cross-cutting, and the businesses are dealing with unprecedented upheavals and stability. The crisis is temporary to every profession and level of the workforce. Yet no clue of abating the cutoffs prevails.

Industries like aviation, hospitality, travel, FMCG, retail, automobile, and manufacturing are most affected and will pick up a longer duration to recover due to a halt in spending. Let us glance at the new stats on daily job cuts and see the companies having to downsize.

  • 59% retail and FMCG sector
  • 48% hospitality/ aviation/ travel
  • 45% automobile manufacturing industry
  • 35% real estate
  • 42% power sector
job losses

According to CMIE, India’s unemployment rate is at a record high of 27.1%

Employers cut 20.5 million payrolls through this pandemic.

Select a few steps now that can build a good next chapter tomorrow. Plus, having these qualities serve you well when things turn up.

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Set yourself to deliver more value:

People know you for doing the unexpected. So try to be serious and pay attention to little details.  It is a month to show the sign of perseverance for every project. Stay motivated and get out of the box to bring positive growth to your organization. In short, keep working strong to gain your company mission into reality. 

tips for employees

Reform from gossip:

Whatever it takes, place the negative mindset out of the work.  Avoid complaining &  blaming the job premises. Be the one who energizes the team culture. Get pace off your break to be on your craft. You do not mean to forget the entertainment. Yet, search for people who have a vast impact on you, overachiever, and own intense success. 

reform from gossip

Adopt changes:

Adapt to recent development to avert layoffs. You must continue updating your skill and knowledge. So, be the first one to understand the latest industry trends. Resisting can only make life difficult for authority and everyone. So do not become complacent.

adopt changes

Networking is essential:

networking is essential

Build up your network and show that you exist. Practice your public relations, speak up in the meeting, and let them see your contribution. Be a selfless, collaborative player who meets and exceeds commitments. Socialize your achievements with coworkers and peers over LinkedIn. 

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Rule your field:

rule your field

Seek opportunities to showcase your talents in your field. You can also choose this as an opportunity to incur varied experiences and escape from team layoffs. It is necessary to know and learn about the latest industry trends and how going to affect your sector. Things can change rapidly in this environment. So have preventive measures beforehand.

Get your management techniques:

get your management techniques

Brush your leadership proficiencies in a crisis. Be flexible and open-minded. Indulge yourself in creativity, grow your tie-up, and make yourself the ideal candidate. Owing to this, you can handle layoffs easily.

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Develop tech skills:

There is a skill gap owing to the advancements in multiple fields comprising security, cloud, and AI. You can undergo various certification courses in your off-hours in a matter of weeks.

develop tech skills

Don’t ignore soft skills:

Communication and interpersonal accomplishments are more effective than ever. Tech competencies are more in demand because of the prevalence of digital workspace and the overall push towards remote working. For any office, you need to expand your intelligence, turn your chain, and have an influential organization of internal employees and managers.

soft skills

Be fit:

Become superfit to handle unemployment. Involve in building logic you have within you. The better you stand, the power to negotiate with the company during a layoff evolves. Be positive and optimistic.

future workforce

Think about it:

A pool of very competitive candidates wants the job as much as you wanted. Enhance your skills and experiences to get noticed. Be flexible, sharpen your toolkit and surprise yourself every day.


Every manager wants to hear how your presence can trim business costs, find a different client, boost work processes, motivate the workforce, and deliver the next big thing during the layoff. Above all, they look for solutions. Think about what your competitors are trying and testing, read everything, and ask people how you can help & what you can do.


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