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Top 5 Yoga Asanas That Can Help People With Insomnia

These days due to changing lifestyles, people are not getting proper sleep. Their sleeping pattern has changed. Sleeping is essential for starting a new day. There are so many studies that focus on the fact that for better health, one should have a sound sleep. Some studies also reveal that you should take 8 hours of sleep at night for better health and mental growth. Due to the influence of social media and fast pacing life, so many adults lack their sleep. Hence, they suffer from different problems like anxiety and depression. Yoga is a great remedy in curing insomnia. In this blog, I will discuss the 5 Yoga asanas for insomnia.

Suffer from insomnia
Top 5 Yoga Asanas That Can Help People With Insomnia

When anyone is unable to sleep at night due to whatsoever reason, it is called Insomnia. Insomnia mainly arises due to increased stress, anxiety, depression, etc. But we have good news for insomniac people. Yes, it is true, indeed..!!

Yoga asanas are the solution for treating Insomnia. It can relax the muscles and allow people to take a sound sleep. Every individual has a unique biochemistry, and you know every yoga pose acts differently from one individual to another. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 Yoga asanas that can help people with Insomnia. You can figure out which yoga asana is best for you.

So read on the full post to know which yoga pose is useful in your case. In case if you are unable to sleep or might feel difficulty in taking a night of sound sleep, then yoga asanas act as a boon for you. When you start deploying it regularly, you will see how much it has to lead a positive impact on your behavior.

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  1. Leg up the wall position(Viparita Karni)
  2. Cat Stretch(Marjariasana)
  3. Standing forward bend(Hastapadasana)
  4. Child Pose(Shishuasana)
  5. Corpse Pose(Savasana)

Leg-up-the wall position

The Leg up the wall position is known as Viparita Karani asana. In this asana, you have to lie straight fully on your back. After that, you have to lift your legs up, one by one. You can take the support of the wall. Some people do it by themselves without taking any support. In this asana, you need to extend your arms while laying. Simply close your eyes can make breathing. You can stay for 5-10 minutes in this pose. It is mind and body relaxing pose can help you in sound sleep. Moreover, this helps in relieving the pain in the legs and feet. It regularly increases blood supply. This pose helps in calming the mind.

Cat Stretch

Cat Stretch is also called Marjariasana. This is the most relaxing yoga asana. In this yoga asana, your spine gets more flexible. Cat stretch is beneficial for the digestive system as well. In this pose, you have to sit on your knees, taking your upper body forward just like a cat. This yoga asana is very easy and helps you in the improvement of blood circulation and relaxes your body and mind. This is considered as an excellent stretch for spine flexibility. Stretching is good for body and also the best yoga asana for insomnia.

Standing forward bend

This is also known as Hastapadasana. In general, it is also known as hand to foot pose. Basically, in this pose, you have to stand straight with feet together and arms alongside the body. After that, you need to balance your weight equally on both feet. Then you have to perform, breathe in and breathe regularly. While bending stay in this pose for 20-30 seconds and continue to breathe, With the help of this pose, your back muscles and spine feel a lot of relief. This pose relaxes your body that assists you in getting rid of insomnia.

Child Pose

Yoga asanas for insomnia
Top 5 Yoga Asanas That Can Help People With Insomnia

This is also known as Shishuasana. Firstly in Shishuasana, you have to sit on your heels, then simply bend forward while in sitting position. Then lower your forehead touching the floor. After that gently press your chest on your thighs. Then stay in this position for some time and then come up slowly. come up. This pose is a deeply relaxing stretch for the back. Moreover, this pose also helps calm the nervous system and helps you with sleeping peacefully. It is considered as a very good pose for insomniac people.

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Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose is also known as Savasana. When you perform any yoga asana, the practitioners use savasana in the end. This pose is designed to make the body and mind relax. It is considered as a perfect yoga asana if you want to sleep. Moreover, this yoga asana is also helpful in mitigating blood pressure. This is recommended yoga asana for insomniac people, the condition is that when you try to practice this on the bed, don’t use heavy pillows.

 Final Thoughts

When you have a sound sleep, your mind works efficiently. We suggest instead of taking addictive medications that are dangerous for your body, you should try once Yoga asanas It not only helps you to keep your sleep to track but also is the environment friendly. You need not spend a vast amount of money on it. Practicing yoga has other health benefits as well instead of curing Insomnia. We have described five yoga asanas, as the one which is right for you may not be suitable for someone else. These yoga asanas have different results on different people. So, it is advisable to always seek advice from experts while consuming doing these. We hope you have enjoyed reading it and are able to know which yoga asanas work well in your case.

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