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Why should you blog?

“Blogs, Bloggers, Blogging, Blog posts,” Uff !!  Ever heard of “Blogging”, or “Blog”??  And wonder what on earth is this Blog and blogging?? well, You have come to the right place. I Aishwarya have made this article to help all those people out there who have no clue what Blogging is all about. This article will help you clear all your doubts on Why should you blog ?

What is a Blog?

Why should you blog
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First of all let me tell you what exactly is a blog through a definition, it will help you understand better..

 “a collection of posts… short, informal, sometimes controversial, and sometimes deeply personal.. with the freshest information at the top.” – Meg Hourihan

So yes, a blog is a kind of online diary or a journal where people pen down their thoughts opinions etc. that can be expressed without fear and desire to let people know their individual thoughts through a website.


Anyone who

  • Do not fear what people think about his/her post.
  • Loves writing down things on a routine basis.
  • Is looking forward to reaching out to a mass group of people.
  • Has a passion for writing

Why Should You BLOG ??

Each day about 1,72,000 blogs are created. So many blogs being created every day, you might be wondering, “ Can I blog ? “, “Should I start blogging?” I think you should try your hand at it ,

!! Definitely yes!!

Before I start let me tell you about my short story.

I am someone who has vivid kinds of hobbies – Reading, Arts and Crafts, Embroidery, jewelry making, but I was never into any writing as such. Then I got into the book tube community, and I realized that there are thousands of people who blog on various things – books, personal blogs, travel, Hobbies, etc. The list goes on and then, I thought  “ what if I too start a blog ?? ” , I was not sure if I would succeed but I wanted to start a blog on book reviews and I started one. Though I do not get much time, I blog whenever I can. So here I am as a blogger.

So here I pen down 10 reasons Why should you blog?

1. Discover your hidden talent

 Blogging helps you discover your hidden talent for Writing, maybe it was within you from the very beginning and you never realised that. Start a blog and trust me you will realise that you had writing skills and it was never discovered until you started to blog.

2. Voice your thoughts

You can express your thoughts, feelings and opinions out there through a blog, there are so many thousands of people out there to support your thoughts and opinions.

3. Build your Confidence

Smiling influencer woman sitting in front of camera recording video blog for fashion blog
Smiling influencer woman sitting in front of camera recording video blog for fashion blog

  I can swear on this, it definitely helps you build your confidence in life even if there’s very less number of blog followers, because you are able to voice your thoughts without much fear as and when you keep blogging. Your confidence improves to a larger extent making you a better person. (I can bet you on that..!!! Haha … It’s my personal experience.)

4. Helps you learn new things

 Blogging is all about sharing things you know, visuals you see, topics of your interest. When you start a blog you definitely learn new things of your interest via other bloggers etc. The key of blogging is to blog on a routine basis without running out of fuel – ideas!! Keep it simple and informative.

5. It is challenging

Yes!! Let me be honest, at times yes there are a few challenging situations/tasks which we face at some or the other point of life. Blogging is one such challenging task. Blogging is something which is easy and challenging at the same time.

 Starting a blog is easy, but managing the same is not. At the initial days you might blog regularly, later on you step down to blogging less often you will have to overcome that. Also coming up with new topics, ideas, involving readers and fellow bloggers around your blog is one hell of a challenge, but do not give up on learning and discovering new blog posts you will definitely succeed.

6. Makes you Happy

Happy blogger
Happy blogger

 When does someone become happy?? Exactly!! We become happy when we do things we love, we become happier when our blog post is accepted by people out there, and we become happy seeing the positive comments and appreciation we get. (Ignore the negative comments)

 I blog on books, and on a personal note, I become happy at the end of every blog post I make/ book reviews I give. Nothing matters more than our own happiness and satisfaction on the priority list of our blog posts.

7. Helps you connect

Typing new blog post.
Typing new blog post.

            Blogging helps you connect to people over the world; in fact you can make new friends who have similar interests/hobbies. People connect to you, when your ideas/thoughts appeal to them and they interact with you .

 The blogging community out there is real friendly, cheerful and definitely encouraging to the bloggers out there – the only thing missing is you having a blog to experience all this.

8. It serves as a personal journal

Blogging serves the same role as a personal journal.. How?? When we blog more regular it acts as a personal journal, it helps us to track our life and growths we experience. Your blog acts as a digital journal of your life that helps you pen down all thoughts.

9. Inspiration to others

Blogging not just helps you pen down your thoughts, it also changes the life of the readers to a great extent. When you contribute your time, energy and efforts to write a piece of article for your blog you are actually inspiring people around you, since blogs are public and free to access, anyone in need of your piece of article seeks inspiration from you.

10. Make some money

People do not blog for money, but earn money through your hobby – blogging definitely motivates bloggers to keep the blog going. So basically earning money is the trigger that keeps you motivated to blog more and more.

It is not necessary for you to earn through blogging, it is just an option to earn; you are always free to blog with or without monetary benefits.

                                     GO START YOUR BLOG

If one or more of the above reasons motivate you or made you think “ why not try blogging” go for it.

If you think you have it in you to start a blog and can keep it going, what are you waiting for?? Go start your blog and build your identity in the internet world. If any of you guys start a blog after reading this article, please do leave the links to your blog down below, I would visit them and feel proud of you guys.

If you made it all the way down here reading, thank you guys for reading

                                            ALL THE BEST GUYS

Aishwarya achu
Aishwarya achu
I am aishwarya hailing from Bangalore , with a never ending love for blogging and reading , you can always find me with a book wherever i go . My hobbies include reading, blogging, crafts and jewellery making.


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