True Love Never Ends

true love stories never have endings quote

It’s too long since I have written about you. In fact I decided to stop writing anything that connects me to you. But I think I should give a  last chance  in this article. I really don’t understand how we can get so depressed because of the person whom we LOVE and RESPECT the most. How can a person control all our feelings.

yacprot05 / Pixabay
yacprot05 / Pixabay

Okay fine.. you really don’t remember me. I should recall   you everything..  you came into my life without my permission by an unknown number.   you are so talented that someone will definitely want to know about you. And finally you revealed and became my best friend with great support.  you started caring me such a way that I trust u the most.Suddenly   you  told that you love me without knowing even HOW DO I LOOK.

Every girl wish for a boy like you who loves her for what she is…Who can understand her feeling without expressing..who admires her inner beauty but not her looks..who gets crazy and feels lucky for having her.. you gave me a wonderful gift in my life for my birthday with a picture having your childhood photo saying that   you  r gifting   you  for the rest of my life.I swear I felt awestruck and so happy..I like every small thing relates to   you. Your voice, smile, thinking…what not..

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And even I fell in love unintentionally. Then I came to know what a true love is..which connects two hearts.At that time I don’t know that it changes my life drastically..And everyone knows that those are the wonderful days ever in our lyf..  you  proved that love is accepting each other for what we are..we starting imagining our life in a wonderful dreams.But…

May be happiness can’t stay at a single place..Suddenly   you  started to change. you told that   you  are concentrating on your carrier for my sake.. and for us to live happily in future..I started supporting   you .. In spite of my wish to be your strength   you  told me that u can’t concentrate because of me and I became your weakness. For the first time in my life I felt so low about myself.   you used to avoid me for months. Still I tried to understand all your situations. when   you  talk to me I will respond    you  normally holding all my pain inside. Sometimes I just want to go inside your heart and want to listen your feelings for me.

Even when   you  are in my thoughts, it pains somewhere deep inside. I used to wait for at least a single text and if it comes my day will be so good. I started enjoying the pain..Some situations test our love. I became so brave that I travelled long distance alone just to see   you  once and feel your presence. I was so mad that I used to just stare at your hand.And in your absence used to touch your books, pen and pity myself as   you  love them more than me.

As a girl from childhood everyone will have dreams and I have seen all my dreams in you and I want   you  to feel that I am the best girl friend to have in your life.But donno what god decides..I hold all the pain for 2 years and tried all my ways to come out of you.. but at the end,failed and realized that I am incomplete without   you .  used to cry for hours and days just thinking of you. Even when I was surrounded by number of people,tears roll down suddenly.

I started writing a dairy  when I felt like sharing   you  my sad or happiness.It is the only one which knows all my crying all through the years.I used to be really strong person from the childhood. But donno why love makes someone so weak that they can’t even control some emotions.Sometimes I want to die and see at least then   you  drop a single tear for me..But I don’t have a right to do that..I hate my self when I expects something from   you  and   you  treat me so cheap and kicks me like a dog..and then…..

After 2 years   you  told me that   you  want to meet me.i was so happy that I can’t even express in words.I thought for a bit that at least then,everything will become sort out..But on that day when I sat beside   you ..Donno why I cried so loud..I tried to explain what I felt over those years..but I realized that…sad-alone-girls-crying-miss-u-couple-love-wallpapers-2

 you  came to give a clarity that   you  don’t want me in your life and decided to move on..its really so great of   you ..The worst situation is   you  can’t understand my love even I yell and cry loudly that I LOVE  you and  ready to do anything for   you ..i felt so helpless..And on that day I decided to quit for the first time in my life.I was fail..yes I failed to let you make you happy and let you free for your life..But no one can love as I do…

In spite of all this..If   you  come to me and ask to love   you  again..i will..I cant hate you as you  are always top on the world for me..still I really don’t know why  can’t I forget a person with such a stone heart and don’t even care my feelings..I became so blind that I  don’t even care the one who cares and loves me..ya it happens because we don’t have the person we love the most..Believe me…Still my love for   you  won’t die..It will be in my heart till my last breath..Because true love happens only once in life.sad-love-quotes-hd-wallpapers

Maybe it happened in many of the girls lives..just felt like sharing my feelings again for   you. I don’t want to make   you  a Villain..i can’t even bare a single word against you..its just my madness..sorry if it hurts…i know u don’t even care about this..Everything happens for a reason..At Least I learnt a lesson..I came to know that what really matters in our life is our parents.Only their love is pure and will be always with us..just we should move on with time..

And thank you so much for making me so strong  that I can withstand any situation in my life..with loads of love… I have realised that True Love Never Ends.