Top 5 upcoming technological inventions

upcoming technological inventions

  • Active Contact Lenses 

These will sit in your eyes just like ordinary contact lens but will be containing tiny lasers and micro mirrors that will reflect visuals into our retina. This would generate full 3D totally immersive perfect resolution experience. Using these in daily life would change the everything we do .There would be no need for wrist watch ,TV, mobile, Tablet but still we would have them visually anytime and anywhere.


  • Exoskeletons 

exoskeletonsExoskeletons also known as external skeletons are piece of technology which supports and protects human’s body. Nowadays new and more powerful mechanically powered exoskeletons and being made which enables a normal person to do incredible tasks like lifting heavy objects, running fast. Exoskeletons can help the differently-abled to do stuff they are not able to do now thus making them self sufficient and boosting their self confidence. They have incredible use in war and daily life. It would boost production and reduce work load on workers.

  • Parallella 

parallexParallella is a low power microprocessor from Adapteva. Parallella’s design makes it possible to integrate 1,000 specialized processing cores  on a single chip.

Parallella will change how to computer works and even how they are made. Simply it’s a supercomputer for everyone .It is very power efficient and built for processing complex tasks simultaneously and effectively. This would change the way programmers code and how softwares are made . This chip would make speech recognition , object tracking , holographic display, navigation  even stronger than they are right now .

  • Driverless Cars 

driverless-carsSome 30 years ago driverless cars were just a dream but now it’s a reality. Many companies now have succeeded to make driverless cars which are in still in experimental phase. Driverless cars

Will take us into a new era where there would be less accidents and fast and intelligent transportation . These cars sense the environment and use navigation to drive. Its intelligent AI work with cameras and determine the motion of different nearby vehicles and accordingly steer and change speed. They even judge the driver’s mood and physical condition and then decide will the driver should drive or not.

This cannot entirely  replace the driving capabilities of human’s but still can reduce accidents and save lives .

  • Wound Sealing Laser Pens 

wound-sealing-laser-pensEverybody loves great outdoors and everybody might have suffered an injury during outdoor adventures. An injury does not always need a visit to the hospital sometimes it can be treated at home too.  Now suppose you can seal your laceration just at home by using a laser pen . These pens are not an alternative to a visit to the doctor but still can make you fell better till you reach to the doctor. These use optic fibers to heal the wound . The Carbon dioxide laser concentrates the laser to the wound and heats it to the ideal temperature . This technique is yet not easily available but has been used to do surgeries and treat sores, burns and lower back pain.

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